Jan. 2nd, 2017

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songbirdoftomorrow: (giggle)
Your Muse: Astrid Finch
Muse wanted: Any Tomorrow People. John, Cara, Stephen, Jed, Russell, Charlotte... anyone. Or pretty much anyone at all, even cross-fandom.
Community: bakerstreet, sws, www, or wherever. Down for new places to play!
Fandom: Tomorrow People
Canon or AU: Prefer canon or post canon.

Contact via: Here or message me! :)


So Astrid is a newer muse for me and she's very lonely. She would love to see some of her favorite (or not so favorite) Tomorrow People, but if not... anyone interested in conversing would be fine. She loves music, misses her sort of boyfriend John and doesn't get to spend nearly enough time with her best friend, what with him leading a group of superpowered individuals and all.