Jan. 12th, 2017

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Your Muse: Hayli Keahi, an OC
Muse wanted: Her Prank-Pulling Youtuber Sort Of Boyfriend
Community: Pretty much just journals unless i think Hayli can go somewhere
Fandom: None
Canon or AU: She's an OC
Medium: Irrelevant
Contact via: Here works

Hayli Keahi is the daughter of Maxwell Keahi, (a youtuber who goes by the name Mad Max and builds some of the craziest most detailed cosplays ever and posts How-To videos) and Anne Forsythe. There's info on her in her profile.

Hayli is a seventeen year old boxer who is starting to step into the pro circuit and who loves cosplay and video games just as much as her dad. She had her own video game channel for a while but it didn't hold her interest long,, so she appears on her dads Extra Life streams once a year.

She met the aforementioned Sort Of Boyfriend at a con somewhere and was victim to one of his more ridiculous pranks.

His pranks are 100 percent harmless, 100 percent ridiculous and he has a huge following on Youtube.

They don't live in the same state, but they visit each other often and any time she has matches, she sends him tickets. The Sort-Of-Boyfriend thing comes from Hayli's reservations at dating but that's only because this guy is the first she's even had a crush on.

Please and thank you in advance. Leaning towards Nick Hoult for a PB but only because he looks the type to have that kind of channel.

This isn't binding.
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Your Muse: Margo Hanson
Muse wanted: Eliot Waugh and other cast members from The Magicians
Community: Bakerstreet and other memes
Fandom: The Magicians
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Series
Contact via: PM me or comment here!

I know things have changed between Eliot and Margo, but I've loved their friendship and would love to play things out with them. I would also love to write things with other canonmates. The cast dynamic for this show is amazing.