Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Your Muse: Natasha Romanoff
Muse wanted: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, also others; pretty much anyone, really. Also into tossing her at MCU muses.
Community: bakerstreet and PSLs
Fandom: Marvel 616
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Comics; I also have an MCU 'verse Nat, if that appeals more than my ideas here.
Contact via: Here, PM, I also have Plurk and Discord, just ask!

Along came a spider... )
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Your Muse: jean grey
Muse wanted: warren worthington III, bobby drake, hank mccoy, scott summers, etc.
Community: sws, www, bakerstreet, psls
Fandom: x-men (marvel earth-616 based)
Canon or AU: either
Contact via: here or pm.

the original x-men are my jam and my heart aches for jean to interact with the remaining members of the original five. i am pretty much open to anything and get pretty busy with school, but i tend to favor on-going plots over one time memes. i also currently play jean with various other x-types who have developed a pretty loose, canon-based plot over at [community profile] wayswithwords for those of you who just want to jump in. (seriously, don't be shy!)

aside from the O5, i would also love an ororo, the grey-summers kids, or any of the phoenix five.