Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Your Muse: Original mutant male character using Jensen Ackles as a face
Muse wanted: Mutant or pre-mutant female character
Community: I'd like to keep it to journals or a musebox
Fandom: Original
Canon or AU: Original
Medium: Original
Contact via: I don't use messenger these days, so PM me, I will get it.

Basically, I do want romance (not already in a relationship please) but I want to world build and possibly do something like X-Men. Maybe even using X-Men as a platform. I don't know how to explain what I mean without clogging up your friends' page. If you're interested, we can discuss our likes and dislikes, what we're capable of and all like that. I just want a partner, I gave up my roleplay sites for personal reasons and I need to do something within reason of those personal reasons. I'm bored as hell. lol I'll explain what that reason is if you're interested because I feel any writing partner deserves to know. Anyway, that is all. I hope I've got your attention.

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