Mar. 26th, 2017

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Your Muse: Yuuko Kamishiro
Muse wanted: Any/all canonmates
Community: N/A, looking more for private RP or meme comms/dressing rooms/etc, unless you already have / want to play a canonmate in a community/group. Let me know and I'll consider it!
Fandom: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Canon or AU: Either/Both
Medium: Game [PS4/Vita]
Contact via: PMs or comments, ask for Skype/Discord details

I just want canonmates. I cry. No one seems to RP Cyber Sleuth characters anywhere. Hardly anyone even draws them either. I don't understand, I see so many people enjoying it and yet, hardly any fanworks, rpers, etc. I found a single Arata on a multimuse blog on Tumblr but I don't really want to do a Tumblr rp blog for Yuuko (also lol there's very little fanart either) so here I am, trying out DW RP.
(I've actually never done anything on these kinds of sites for like 8 years since I was on a few on LJ, wow... )

Either gender of Aiba (the MC) and Yuugo are also especially (grabby hands) but literally any canonmate / same-universe OC is A+. P l e a s e . . . I'm dying, Squirtle.

Hell, if you even know of someone in a comm who RPs a character from this game (soon to be series) -- point me to them and I'll be eternally grateful.