May. 6th, 2017

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Your Muse: (rule!63) Negan.
Muse wanted: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Paul Rovia, King Ezekiel, Michonne, Simon, Rosita, Sasha and basically everyone else in the show. Originals for wives and husbands. Past characters like Shane, the Governor, Merle and so on. I think they'd be fun!
Community: Bakerstreet / psls. I might be open to a comm.
Fandom: The Walking Dead.
Canon or AU: More in the way of AU given fem!Negan and all.
Medium: TV show / comic book influences.
Contact via: Can contact here, I have a screened post in the journal, pm!

I keep her mostly in line with the canon version of Negan with just a few key differences in that she was in the military right out of school but when she returned she took up a job as a gym coach. I'd just love to plot/plan all sorts of things. I'm a sucker for the 'become one of my husband/wives and things will be easier for your community' plot lines. I also enjoy the 'Negan was around since the beginning' because it makes such an interesting dynamic. Or even the 'I knew Negan before the world went to shit' trope. Basically, I'm game for all things. I fully embrace other rule!63 versions, au versions and canon versions of the characters. I'm also completely open to crosscanon! Finally, originals for her wives and husbands would be incredible because there are so many backstory opportunities to explore. Originals for other Saviors as well.

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