May. 24th, 2017

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Your Muse: Meetra Surik (aka The Jedi Exile)
Muse wanted: Revan, Atton, or anyone from the KOTOR franchises.
Community: Knowhere Mod on Insanejournal
Fandom: Knights of the Old Republic (One, 2, and technically the MMO)
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Game
Contact via: This Contact Post

I would really like to see a Rvan for Meetra to talk to and work some of her issues out with and while I'm aware most people are more fond of F!Revan I would prefer the canon version. However, that is personal preference and I'm not going to deny a potential F!Revan either. I'd also like to see her be able to get somewhere with Atton, because she still has a lot of feelings regarding him, and those never got really worked out.

That said, I would also love to see anyone from the franchises. Bao-Dur comes to mind immediatley but she'd also be happy to see Visas, and Mical.

(I hope the following is okay, my friend does not have a DW account)

Your Muse: Bobbi Morse
Muse wanted: Hunter
Community: Knowhere Mod on Insanejournal
Fandom: Agents OF Shield/MCU
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV-series/Movie
Contact via: This post

My left kidney and a third of Bobbi's other lung for a Hunter over at [personal profile] knowheremod. Seriously there's two Clint's and a Francis and she just can't with this many Barton's and we'd all be better off with a little British in our lives.

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