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Your Muse: Sherry Birkin[personal profile] weaponmadeperfect (on behalf of my psl-mates)
Muse wanted: Any on this list more if you can think of a reason for them to be in
Community: [community profile] canonwhatcanon
Fandom: Pan fandom
Canon: Bwahahahahah yeah hm... no.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Various
PB: If they have one yeah, if not choose one or use what ever art they have.
Contact via: (PM, comment, ect) Here or aim (notmannotelf)

Where: Mostly in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
What: Umbrella's still around, and now it's starting to be reformed, this time B.S.A.A. isn't the only one trying to bring them down...

What is this: This is a panfandom psl, attempting to span the time between Re5 and RE6 adding a major AU to it because why play with one fandom when you can make a mess of so many more?

Personal note: I would kill for a Claire and Leon.  Sherry needs someone to help her break the control they have on her.  I know Wesker would love to WTF Chris and Jill.  He'd like some other scientists in the think tank too.

And I think Rebecca Crane would kill to have a Clay around. Dracula would like some other vampires.