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Your Muse: godric
Muse wanted: eric, nora, the grandkids, sookie, remus, dallas vampires & humans
Community: journals, bakerstreet, open to games
Fandom: true blood
Contact via: here or pm.

memes are always wide open, but i do miss having actual plots about.

in particular, dallas based vampires and humans are always interesting - godric does have a job, after all. exploring the interactions that he'd normally abhor, like humans he feeds from, his ingrained dislike of werewolves, is always fodder. he respects and likes sookie, so she's always welcome.

an odd one-off is his brother remus - who has a story in the graphic novels as a lestat-type rockstar sanguinist who was jealous of having eric. i'm open to reinterpretation or cut from those pages.

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