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Your Muse: Tristan Hunter
Muse wanted: William, Tahlia (names can be changed if you'd like, I just needed something to put down)
Community: probably just bakerstreet and maybe journals for now
Fandom: original
Canon or AU:
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc)
Contact via: pm or comment here

Tristan is based off the leading male in Nightwish's song Over The Hills And Far Away, only in a modern setting.

He was arrested for a robbery he didn't commit after his prints were found on the weapon used at the scene and has served a ten year sentence because he refused to reveal his alibi.

I'm thinking that Tristan and Tahlia have been friends since they were kids and have always been very close, even when Tahlia started seeing William. Somehow, Tristan managed to keep his feelings for William a secret from her because he didn't want to ruin their friendship or damage the relationship she had.

However, shortly after their honeymoon, William came to Tristan and, after years of being secretly in love with him, Tristan couldn't deny his feelings any longer and the two started seeing each other behind Tahlia's back. They were together the night the crime occurred but Tristan didn't want to sabotage either relationship or cause his friend unnecessary pain, so chose to keep his whereabouts to himself.

Tristan has maintained contact with both of them during his time behind bars and upon being released has rekindled both his friendship with Tahlia and his secret relationship with Will.

What they each got up to while Tristan was locked up is entirely up to you. I'd like if they were still together, but the condition of the relationship (are they still tight, is it rocky, etc) is open to whatever you want. Also, did they have kids? Are they childless? Does Tahlia somehow know about them but is in denial? Is Will considering leaving her for Tristan?

All of this is open.

Tristan is super brand new and I'm still working out the kinks and I'm happy for us to work things out together via pm or whatever! Also, both names are open to be changed! I just needed something to call them!

I'm also not picky on PBs for either of them, though I do ask that they're all close in age. Michael Fassbender is 40 so somewhere between the 35-45 age group for PB would be great. A couple suggestions I have for William are the Ricky Whittle, Charlie Hunnam or Jon Bernthal and I'd really appreciate if it wasn't Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman or James McAvoy but otherwise it's completely open.

There's some info here as well but I've mostly summed it all up here. Hit me up if you're interested. :)