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Your Muse: Stiles Stilinski
Muse wanted: Anyone from Teen Wolf.
Community: PSL
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon or AU: AU or canon or a mix.
Medium: TV show
Contact via: Here, PM or contact post.

I just want to write. I do tend to lean towards AU since more can come out of it. I like dark lines as well. But I'm pretty much up for most things.
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I could offer an S1 or early S2 Lydia although I emphatically do not ship Lydia with Stiles if that's a problem. And I tend to try and write Lydia as smart as the show says she should be rather than as smart as it shows her being.
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[personal profile] not_yet_screaming 2017-07-09 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Pick a general thing unless you've a plot in mind - although one obvious start is for Lydia to sit Stiles down after Night School (don't get me started on the "Self igniting molotov") and ask him what is going on because he seems to know.
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I've got a Jackson, Derek, and Peter if you're interested in doing something with any of them.
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Ask and you shall receive.
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I tend to prefer playing Derek post-alpha (if it wasn't obvious), so maybe something later in the series?

Either that or some sort of au. Do you have a preference?
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Nothing in particular, no. Let's come up with an au if that's your preference.
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Goddess' Island

The last hope for the Goddess.

Toto, this doesn't quite seem like Kansas anymore. The island is far from the world you remember. This isn't your home, this isn't even Earth from as far as you can tell. But why? How did you get here? It seems the whims of an unknown and forgotten goddess has decided that she needed your help, dragging you from your world and timeline and placing you on an island that is about to die. Welcome to Goddess’ Island, where the world is ending and you are its savior.

The island is clouded mostly in darkness but there is a spot, a beautiful valley, that is still flourishing. That is where you find yourself when you wake up. But you’re not alone. There are others stuck on the island just like you and if you’re lucky the goddess didn't just steal you away, but friends and family you know as well. Let's also not forget the creature that you bond for life with. Best idea though? Make friends, powerful friends. Make sure there are people to watch your back because when the God attacks, you're going to need every little bit of help you can get.

Will you survive, or will you give up and break under the pressure? Apply and become one of the saviors that the Goddess is depending to keep her alive. Canon and original characters are welcomed. The game starts on September 16th, 2017. Go check out the Wanted Characters or Holds page and get your application in!

Game starts on September 16th. APPLY.

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