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Your Muse: Stiles Stilinski
Muse wanted: Anyone from Teen Wolf.
Community: PSL
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon or AU: AU or canon or a mix.
Medium: TV show
Contact via: Here, PM or contact post.

I just want to write. I do tend to lean towards AU since more can come out of it. I like dark lines as well. But I'm pretty much up for most things.
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I could offer an S1 or early S2 Lydia although I emphatically do not ship Lydia with Stiles if that's a problem. And I tend to try and write Lydia as smart as the show says she should be rather than as smart as it shows her being.
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Pick a general thing unless you've a plot in mind - although one obvious start is for Lydia to sit Stiles down after Night School (don't get me started on the "Self igniting molotov") and ask him what is going on because he seems to know.