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Your Muse: Meetra Surik (aka The Jedi Exile)
Muse wanted: Revan, Atton, or anyone from the KOTOR franchises.
Community: Knowhere Mod on Insanejournal
Fandom: Knights of the Old Republic (One, 2, and technically the MMO)
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Game
Contact via: This Contact Post

I would really like to see a Rvan for Meetra to talk to and work some of her issues out with and while I'm aware most people are more fond of F!Revan I would prefer the canon version. However, that is personal preference and I'm not going to deny a potential F!Revan either. I'd also like to see her be able to get somewhere with Atton, because she still has a lot of feelings regarding him, and those never got really worked out.

That said, I would also love to see anyone from the franchises. Bao-Dur comes to mind immediatley but she'd also be happy to see Visas, and Mical.

(I hope the following is okay, my friend does not have a DW account)

Your Muse: Bobbi Morse
Muse wanted: Hunter
Community: Knowhere Mod on Insanejournal
Fandom: Agents OF Shield/MCU
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV-series/Movie
Contact via: This post

My left kidney and a third of Bobbi's other lung for a Hunter over at [personal profile] knowheremod. Seriously there's two Clint's and a Francis and she just can't with this many Barton's and we'd all be better off with a little British in our lives.
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Your Muse: Shelby Manning
Muse wanted: Shane Worthington
Community: [community profile] wayswithwords, [community profile] sixwordstories, PSLs
Fandom: Need For Speed
Canon or AU: Original
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here

I really would like someone for Shelby to play off of more regularly, especially who can interact with her professionally. Shane is an NPC I've been playing for a while but a huge part of her canon; he's her strategist (the person who calls her races) and the two have become good friends albeit with a complicated relationship. You can see a recent scene I've written between them here to get an idea of his voice.

Shane's a fun character; he's a die-hard competitor and can often be an ass, but with Shelby there's a mutual respect and a growing friendship because they have to spend some of the most important moments of their lives together. I do not ship them, but I have toyed with the idea in the past so if someone wants to play that, I'd be open to it. I just feel like it would be more rewarding if someone else played him now instead of me writing the whole story.

TL;DR; if you want to play some snarky bromance (even though she's a girl), hit me up. If you have another muse who would want to play with Shelby, hit me up as well!
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Your Muse: Peter Quill
Muse wanted: Yondu Udonta or Ego
Community: memes or psl
Fandom: MCU (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Canon or AU: Either!
Medium: Movie
Contact via: PM or we can swap plurks.

Basically hankering for father stuff for Peter! I'm down with canon aus or what-if aus.

With Yondu I would like to play around with their history, maybe do some stuff pre GOTG1 or between GOTG1/GOTG2.

With Ego I would like to play out more interaction between them! I'm also down with dark side stuff au where his encounter with Ego's went differently. Basically just more Ego.
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Your Muse: Eren Jaegar
Muse wanted: Annie Leonhardt (other canonmates can respond too)
Community: Mostly hang around Bakerstreet but open to PSL or other forumns.
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Canon or AU Canon
Contact via: <plurk: mocha_onigiri Some information about your game/preferences/AU/whatever would be great! I confess: I'm AnniexEren shipping trash and would like someone to rp it with.
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Your Muse: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Muse wanted: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Koriand'r/Starfire, Harley Quinn, other members of the DC universe and beyond.
Community: Bakerstreet / PSLs.
Fandom: DC Comics.
Canon or AU: Canon and AU!
Medium: Comics, animated universe.
Contact via: Can post here, screened post or pm!

I'm looking to write a long term het line with a Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Partly inspired by The Killing Joke animated film, the possible chemistry and relationship between Barbara and Bruce has always fascinated me. I'm not a fan of how it was executed in the film, so I would want to work to fix it and establish our own unique facets of their relationship. I'm seasoned in comics, the animated universe, and the DC Cinematic Universe, so I'm looking forward to take their relationship in any route, though their dynamic as Batman and Batgirl is what I want to explore the most. I'm pretty flexible, though! I know Bruce/Barbara is unusual, but it's something I would love to personally establish.

I'm also interested in exploring the dynamic of Kori/Bruce, Harley/Batman, or honestly anyone within the DC mythos. I have pretty unusual interests in terms of ships, but I am interesting in exploring anything, even non-romantic.

Generally looking for someone to bounce ideas back and forth with. I'm primarily a para/novella writer, new to Dreamwidth.
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Your Muse: this huge shitbag, donald pierce.
Muse wanted: logan/x-men muses, logan, caliban, laura, his wife/girlfriend, transigen nurses/employees, zander rice
Community: bakerstreet, journals
Fandom: x-men
Canon or AU: either/or
Medium: film; see notes below
Contact via: here.

blah blah, plot, blah )
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Your Muse: Ray Palmer, Shadow [superhero oc]
Muse wanted: Teen Titans, CW DCTV, and oddly I wanna play Ray against Vlad masters from Danny phantom
Community: sws, anywhere really.
Fandom: legends of tomorrow, dcu
Canon or AU: canon
Medium: live action, videogame
Contact via: plurk is impiousimp, discord is Imp #5736

Some information about your game/preferences/AU/whatever would be great!
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Your Muse: (rule!63) Negan.
Muse wanted: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Paul Rovia, King Ezekiel, Michonne, Simon, Rosita, Sasha and basically everyone else in the show. Originals for wives and husbands. Past characters like Shane, the Governor, Merle and so on. I think they'd be fun!
Community: Bakerstreet / psls. I might be open to a comm.
Fandom: The Walking Dead.
Canon or AU: More in the way of AU given fem!Negan and all.
Medium: TV show / comic book influences.
Contact via: Can contact here, I have a screened post in the journal, pm!

I keep her mostly in line with the canon version of Negan with just a few key differences in that she was in the military right out of school but when she returned she took up a job as a gym coach. I'd just love to plot/plan all sorts of things. I'm a sucker for the 'become one of my husband/wives and things will be easier for your community' plot lines. I also enjoy the 'Negan was around since the beginning' because it makes such an interesting dynamic. Or even the 'I knew Negan before the world went to shit' trope. Basically, I'm game for all things. I fully embrace other rule!63 versions, au versions and canon versions of the characters. I'm also completely open to crosscanon! Finally, originals for her wives and husbands would be incredible because there are so many backstory opportunities to explore. Originals for other Saviors as well.
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Your Muse: Pepper Potts
Muse wanted: Tony Stark
Community: Knowhere
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Movies
Contact via: Feel free to comment here or e-mail me @ joykinz@gmail.com

There is a whole lot of plot for anyone with a Tony Stark muse over at Knowhere. I play an AU Pepper Potts that was a part of the avengers team as Rescue. I'd love to explore Tony and Pepper's relationship when both of them are fighting the good fight instead of Pepper always laying into Tony about his extracurricular activities.

There is also a ton of other plot for Tony. We have a Steve, Clint, Natasha (two actually), Bruce, Wanda and many other marvel characters who would love to play with him. There are also some future!kids from Marvel's Next Avengers who will know him as the guy who raised them. So, lots of fun!

Your Muse: Ahsoka Tano
Muse wanted: Anakin Skywalker
Community: Knowhere
Fandom: Star Wars (Clone Wars and others)
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Movies, TV series
Contact via: Feel free to comment here or e-mail me @ joykinz@gmail.com

The game is seriously missing an Anakin! We have Padme (pregnant with twins), Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn among others for him. Ahsoka comes from an AU where Anakin left the Jedi Order to follow after Ahsoka when she left and the two of them created a third order, the Potentium Order, who believed in a neutral way of learning the force. They're basically grey jedi now. It'll be fun!

Your Muse: Bruce Banner
Muse wanted: Betty Ross
Community: Knowhere
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Movies
Contact via: Feel free to comment here or e-mail me @ joykinz@gmail.com

I have a very active and loud Bruce muse and I would love to have a Betty for him in game. He comes from an AU where he was captured by Thaddeus Ross back in 2008 and sent to The Raft to be experimented on. He was there for 8 years, so he never joined the Avengers. Betty spent those 8 years searching for him and kind of becoming this conspiracy theorist. I'm open to other interpretations of her though. Let's discuss!
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Your Muse: Riya Grimes (!63 Rick Grimes)
Muse wanted: Shane Walsh
Community: Journals, bakerstreet, memes, psl
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Television
Contact via: PM or Comment here

Would love, love, love a Shane who is open to the idea of a !63 Rick Grimes. I've been playing Rick as a female for the last couple years, and finally decided to bring her over here and give things a shot. I have got ideas galore that I'd love to share. Also, any and all mains for the Walking Dead are welcome as well. Will be slow going for a while, so apologies if I am so on getting back to anyone. Am not fully caught up on the show either, real life has been keeping me from settling down to watch the last season though am fully aware of everything that's taken place.
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Your Muse: Eros [Original Character]
Muse wanted: Original characters, potential love interest.
Community: [personal profile] hurricanecove - brand new supernatural horror game
Fandom: original
Canon or AU: -
Medium: -
Contact via: pm, or heartonsue @ skype

Anyone and everyone, especially friends for Eros would be welcomed. Maybe a brother or sister, since I haven't started on his history. He's a demon. Maybe, a love interest? PB suggestions would be Colin Ford, or Ellen Page or any pretty boy/girl. Preferably Brunette when it comes to females. We can brainstorm what kind of line we'd want it to be. That's all. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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Your Muse: Emma Swan.
Muse wanted: Hook, Regina Mills, Elsa, Snow White, Charming, Henry Mills, Rumple, Belle, Neal Cassidy. Basically every other fairy tale character on the show.
Community: Bakerstreet / psls.
Fandom: Once Upon a Time.
Canon or AU: Canon and AU! They're both good to me.
Medium: TV Show.
Contact via: Can post here, screened post or pm!

I have so much muse for Emma and would love getting the chance to plot and write her more. As for plots, I am open to so many things. I'd love starting with first season before Emma believes and breaks the curse. I would also love to explore her past BEFORE Storybrooke. All the things with Neverland and breaking through more of her past. All the other realms they've traveled to here and there on the show. I'd love to explore when she was the Dark One and au that around.

I'd also adore auing things completely and have Princess Emma actually growing up in the Enchanted Forest with her parents. Sort of like the wish realm but different, of course.

I also saw this AU once where Rumple took Emma as a child (tangled vibes galore) and raised her to be a Dark One.

I'm good with current season things too! Getting ready for the final battle and dealing with everything.

If anyone would be game, I'd love to do a group plot/family verse type of deal with Snow, Charming, Henry and Regina. I'd love doing a full out group plot/family verse with Snow, Charming, Emma, Henry, Regina, Robin, Neal, Zelena, Belle, Rumple and Gideon.
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Your Muse: Sirius Black.
Muse wanted: Regulus Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, All the cousins - Bella, Cissy and Andy. Ted Tonks, Alice Longbottom and all the other Order members. Snape.
Community: Bakerstreet / psls.
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Canon or AU: Canon and AUs are good by me!
Medium: Books/Films
Contact via: Here or I have a screened post in the journal!

I'd just love to get more going for Sirius here! I'd adore family things because it's so complicated and emotional. I'd also adore a Marauders group with how many things can be done and plotted out! So many things to develop and headcanon. All the Order business and exploring all the darkness of the era. Marauders unite.
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Your Muse: Dom Toretto
Muse wanted: Letty Ortiz, anyone really but would really love a Letty. Also open to cross canon and originals.
Community: Bakerstreet and psls
Fandom: Fast and Furious series
Canon or AU: Canon or AU, Dom is F8 complaint as well
Medium: Movie
Contact via: PM or here works.

Dom is aching to be played so I am open to doing things with him. For shipping as well as general shenanigans he is open to all, though do have a pref for M/f with him.
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Your Muse: Max Rockatansky
Muse wanted: Furiosa, Wives, Vuvalini, Nux, OCs, the whole roll
Community: PSLs, maybe comm
Fandom: Mad Max
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Film/Comics
Contact via: PM or here

the wasteland crew needs a reunion, and there's plenty of stories to tell.
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Your Muse: Agent Percival
Muse wanted: Agent Lancelot/James Spencer, Harry Hart, Roxy Morton, Merlin
Community: Bakerstreet, SWS, SSWS
Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Canon or AU: AU! Definitely AU
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here or private message please.

I am really open to any and all Kingsman muses. I have been playing Percy since the movie came out and love the Canon OC and the setting. Really more the merrier.

Star Wars

Apr. 24th, 2017 09:46 pm
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Your Muse: Leia Organa (6 years old)
Muse Wanted: Anyone from the Star Wars universe (canon or Legends) that we don't already have in game. Aside from Leia, there's a Bail Organa, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Legends), Ezra Bridger, and Casian Andor. Would particularly love some more of the Ghost or Rogue One crews, or a Luke Skywalker.
Community: [community profile] thefleet_net 
Fandom: Star Wars
Canon or AU: Canon (or Legends)
Medium: Movies, books, comics, video games, TV series
Contact via: Comment here, or PM this journal

The game is a pan-fandom sci-fi setting aboard a fleet of ships. Leia is handling the setting well, with the only drama being that typical to the Skywalker family. Characters are depowered when they first arrive but there is a way for characters to get their powers back, or even gain new ones.

Thanks to events in game and previous visits from other characters Leia, knows a lot about her family, past and future, including the bombshell about Anakin becoming Darth Vader.  She would love to have a Luke or any of her future kids to hang out with, but would honestly like to meet anybody on the Rebel/Resistance side of things, as well as other Jedi.
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Your Muse: Lily Evans
Muse wanted: Anyone from the Harry Potter Fandom! (preferably someone friendly to Lily, because she wants a friend from home – but the mun is open to anyone).
Community: [community profile] thefleet_net
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Books
Contact via: Comment here, or PM this journal

The game is a pan-fandom sci-fi setting aboard a fleet of ships. Lily is handling the setting well. Characters are depowered when they first arrive but there is a way for characters to get their powers back.

Lily knows about Harry, but just a little bit about him (mostly just that he exists and that he’s her son, and probably awesome, because he’s her son) so she’d like to get to meet him. But she’d be open to just about anyone she can pal around with.
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Your Muse: Carl Grimes, Rick Grimes, Beth Greene, Daryl Dixon
Muse wanted: Negan
Community: journals, memes, psl
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: either
Medium: television/comic
Contact via: PM or comment here

Really? I would just love to find a Negan to write with. I can play literally any of the characters on the show so if your Negan-muse has a specific kink for anyone, let me know. I can also do crossovers, though it would depend on the character.
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Your Muse: Bellamy Blake
Muse wanted: Anyone from the 100 fandom, Finn, Clarke, Octavia, Monty, Jasper, Kane, Lexa…etc
Community: N/A. PSLs
Fandom: The 100
Canon or AU: Open to both!
Medium: Show
Contact via: PM or here would be great :)