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Your Muse: R (human)
Muse wanted: Walking Dead characters, The Last of Us characters, Warm Bodies
Fandom: Warm Bodies, The Walking Dead (show or Telltale game), The Last of Us
Canon or AU: Looking to either AU R into another canon or have the other character(s) be AUed into Warm Bodies. I'd also be down with any takes on post-Warm Bodies
Medium: I'm fine with mixing medium stuff. I'm also open to headcanony stuff
Community: Museboxing/PSLs
Contact via: Comment here or PM

The short of it is I'm looking to RP
- Prose tags
- R is either AUed as a human into The Last of Us or The Walking Dead. He'll be headcanoned as "Ryan" instead of R
- He's either played as a human survivor or someone who's undergoing an infection (but may retain shreds of himself like in Warm Bodies)
- Gen, world-building, all that good stuff
- Open to OCs if they're set in these worlds or other different canon characters if they're AUed in. Open to building to shipping but would fade to black on smut.
- I'm looking for slow but reliable backtagging. I'm not interested in tags that can take months to get to, sorry
- I'm mostly just looking for Human!R, but I can do Zombie!R if needed
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Your Muse: Julie Grigio
Muse wanted: Nora Greene, Perry Kelvin, General Grigio, M
Community: [community profile] poly_chromatic and [community profile] tushanshu.
Fandom: Warm Bodies (Julie is Book canon but I really don't mind playing against Film canon)
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: See above RE: Book and Film
Contact via: Here or private message. I'm good with either.

[community profile] poly_chromatic The AC here is very light. One post a month or 30 comments over more than one thread. It's a fantastic game. The curses are fun and the events can get crazy.

Julie has an R there but I would not at all say no to more characters from Warm Bodies. Julie needs her BFF (and her dad but she'd flat out never admit to that ever). And R needs his bro. Julie's currently working on helping R remember what it's like to be alive. She's pretty convinced that's what would help him and has no idea that it's something as simple as her caring about him.

[community profile] tushanshu Also a beautiful game. Come life life on the back of a giant sea-turtle. AC is also fabulous there.

Julie's currently 6 years old, physically, due to complications from a spell someone tried. She's mentally still 19 and has developed some amazing CR between herself, Jack Frost, several others.

She would not say no to seeing her friends there, either. She loves it in this game.

I also don't mind PSLs, memes for voice testing and will give a small amount of paid time to anyone that takes me up on this.
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Your Muse: Julie Grigio
Muse wanted: R, Perry, Nora, Dad, Marcus (ALL THE WARM BODIES MUSES)
Community: [community profile] tushanshu mostly. Bakerstreet and memes and PSLs otherwise
Fandom: Warm Bodies
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Julie is book canon, but I'm okay with movie canon, especially since the endings are vastly, vastly different
Contact via: Here. AIM or Plurk but if you want the SNs, message me for them.

This is the game premise.

Julie just got there. She's already making friends but I'd love familiar faces for her to interact with.

Her canon point is just before she and R decide to leave the airport, so there's vague romantic interest there. I'd love to build on that in a setting where they can be around each other more without too much worry.

I'd also love a Perry for her to interact with either there or on memes. I like the idea of exploring their relationship before and after Perry lost his dad.

I love the idea of an AU where he didn't die and Julie and he made an escape from the salvage mission all on their own.

I'm up for anything, and would REALLY LOVE to see people from her canon in game.
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Your Muse: R
Muse wanted: Julie Grigio, Nora, M, Perry
Community: [community profile] thegames, Bakerstreet, musebox PSL
Fandom: Warm Bodies
Canon or AU: I’ve been playing movieverse but I’d be down with trying bookverse
Medium: Novel or movie, although I tend to lean toward movie. Would prefer prose.
Contact via: PM [personal profile] shambler

MEME/PSL - I’m interested in some sort filler between the plot of The New Hunger and Warm Bodies (either novel or use novel events with movie-characterization). Basically I’d still prefer to play R zombied out but I’m down with fluff, horror, survival/gen stuff. :|a I'd also love to try some AUs with M and R doing zombie things or even R finding and meeting Nora after she loses her finger.

I've also got open meme posts here.

GAME STUFF - I'm also looking for an M and a Nora for [community profile] thegames, a Hunger Games panfandom setting divided into the Capitol and death matches in themed Arenas. Prose heavy. We have Julie and Perry.

Additionally I play at [community profile] box_logs.
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Your Muse: Julie Grigio
Muse wanted: Any 'Warm Bodies' muses.
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories for voicetesting and possibly [community profile] poly_chromaticonce I've done a second readthrough
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: book
Contact via: Here. I also have AIM. Message me for that.

Since this is post-book, Nick Hoult icons from other sources and movies would be fine, especially since I can't actually find ones from the Warm Bodies trailer.

I'm seriously hoping someone bites. I read the book and loved every bit of it.

Edit: Found icons.
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

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[play]: infamous

[tv show]: star trek

[web series]: the guild