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Your Muse: Clark Kent / Kal - El / Superman
Muse wanted: Lois Lane, Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, Diana Prince, other DC castmates! Superfam especially loved and welcome. Cross canon faves include Karen Page, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson -- but very open to other Marvel people, ofc! 
Community: bakerstreet, sws, PSLs
Fandom: DC Comics / DCEU
Canon or AU: Either!
Medium: Comics / film. An amalgamation of DCEU / DCAU / Comics. While my Clark uses DCEU as a framework, I draw influences from many of his portrayals and from my own headcanons. 
Contact via: PM's. I have a discord I'm willing to hand out privately! I love using it to plot or even RP.

I'm looking for long-term partners to write PSLs with! Whether the dynamics are platonic, familial, romantic, antagonistic -- all are welcome! It's admittedly pretty easy to ship Clark, and I have a soft spot for Clark/Lois and Clark/Bruce, but am open to establishing almost anything with  the right amount of development and chemistry. This goes for dynamics in cross-canon as well! My favorite genres include drama, horror, crime, mystery, action, romance, and smut honestly. I'm also very adaptable, and am absolutely a sucker for AU's, whether they're canon divergent or completely alternate. The only characters I will not write with are those affiliated with Nazis / HYDRA. 

If you'd want to plot, please comment here or hit me with a PM! 

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Your Muse: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Muse wanted: Clark Kent/Superman, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Tommy Elliot/Hush, members of the Batfamily, members of the Justice League, members of Batcanon in general. Maybe MCU / Marvel muses too, very crossover friendly!
Community: bakerstreet, sixwordstories, psls, open posts
Fandom: DC Cinematic Universe / DC Comics
Canon or AU: Canon and AU
Medium: Film and Comics, others welcome.
Contact via: PM is best, though here is fine as well.

I'm new to Dreamwidth, but I'm eagerly searching for people to write and write long term ships with. I'm looking for a Clark, Selina, Diana, and Tommy in particular to ship with. I'm also extremely eager to write with any member of DC canon, whether they're heroes, villains, or anything in between. Though I love DCEU, I'm very well versed in the comics, both pre and new 52. I'm not much a fan of Rebirth. I'm basically searching for long-term ship partners in any capacity! My favorite genres include crime, smut, romance, suspense, angst. Practically anything as long as it serves a general plot, and I tend to be quite wordy. I also love making friends out of character, always makes plotting easier!

Marvel and MCU muses welcome as well! Writing/shipping with a Madame Hydra, Black Widow, or Tony Stark would be awesome. I'm also very familiar with the Hannibal fandom. I'm open to working out AU's and such to fit our characters. If you think you can interact with me, please hit me with a message.
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Your Muse: Diana Prince / [personal profile] ofredemption
Muse wanted: DCEU characters - Steve, Justice League characters. I'd also be more than happy to play with any and all DCTV characters.
Fandom: DC
Canon or AU: Definitely open to playing canon, but also looking to interact in various AUs (especially with a Capt. Trevor!)
Medium: I'm more familiar with movies and the DCTV universe, but open to
Contact via: PM me, please and thanks! I'd be happy to chat about potential AUs, games, etc.

I'm primarily looking for activity on memes, or just personal journal posts to rp using.
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Your Muses: Diana Prince, Dick Grayson, Midnighter, Lois Lane, Jason Todd, Hal Jordan, Barbara Gordon, John Constantine.
Muse wanted: Others from DC canon would be lovely. Friends, family, romance, frenemies, it's all good. I lean towards the comics but I'm open to exploring the DCEU, animated series, or a mix! I also welcome crossovers.
Community: PSLs over journals or GDocs.
Fandom: DC
Canon or AU: I'm open to either!
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) Comics, TV, Movie
Contact via: Here or on the Contact Post in my journal.

More information about my writing preferences can be found at my Contact Post here!
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Your Muse: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Muse wanted: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Koriand'r/Starfire, Harley Quinn, other members of the DC universe and beyond.
Community: Bakerstreet / PSLs.
Fandom: DC Comics.
Canon or AU: Canon and AU!
Medium: Comics, animated universe.
Contact via: Can post here, screened post or pm!

I'm looking to write a long term het line with a Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Partly inspired by The Killing Joke animated film, the possible chemistry and relationship between Barbara and Bruce has always fascinated me. I'm not a fan of how it was executed in the film, so I would want to work to fix it and establish our own unique facets of their relationship. I'm seasoned in comics, the animated universe, and the DC Cinematic Universe, so I'm looking forward to take their relationship in any route, though their dynamic as Batman and Batgirl is what I want to explore the most. I'm pretty flexible, though! I know Bruce/Barbara is unusual, but it's something I would love to personally establish.

I'm also interested in exploring the dynamic of Kori/Bruce, Harley/Batman, or honestly anyone within the DC mythos. I have pretty unusual interests in terms of ships, but I am interesting in exploring anything, even non-romantic.

Generally looking for someone to bounce ideas back and forth with. I'm primarily a para/novella writer, new to Dreamwidth.
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Your Muse: Harley Quinn (rule!63).
Muse wanted: Any and all DC muses, but especially Joker and Poison Ivy (regular or rule!63).
Community: Bakerstreet, PSLs.
Fandom: DC.
Canon or AU: DCEU (ish).
Medium: Movie.
Contact via: Here is fine!

Basically what it says on the label. I want people for shenanigans. I'll take heroes or villains. And since Poison Ivy doesn't exist yet (that we've seen), any version/inspiration is certainly a-okay.
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Your Muse: Raven
Muse wanted: ANY of the Teen Titans, Peter Parker, Deadpool, MCU folks
Community: Memes or PSL's!
Fandom: Teen Titans
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV
Contact via: PM/Comment!

So, funnily enough, my character is DC but this mun knows mainly Marvel (?) I don't know, don't question it! xD I'm not familiar with comics, sorry! Would love interactions with any of the listed above!
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Your Muse:  Harleen Quinzel
Muse wanted:  The Joker
Community:  [community profile] boomtown 
Fandom: Batman
Canon or AU:  Nolanverse
Medium: Movie
Contact via:  PM

I'd prefer Dark Knight, at any point, but I'm open to anything else. 
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Your Muse: Clare Kent
Muse wanted: ... a Rule 63!AU version of Nolanverse Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane
Community: meme comms and PSLs
Fandom: DCCU/comics AU MASH UP
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Mostly movies, but some comic influence is perfectly fine by me. Whatever sources best fit your concept of the characters.
Contact via: PM or this post

Just ... Batwoman vs. Superwoman. That is all.

Actually, no. There's more. But that's all I'm thinking will be on a Rule63!Bruce's mind, when this thing first starts. I'd just really, really like to play out Clare and Ms. Wayne's meeting, ... and their slow, reluctant-but-inexorable evolution from enemies to frienemies to ... superhero besties. :) Of course, a Lois Lane would be amazing for shippy purposes and for general adventures.
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Your Muse: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, and/or Bruce Wayne [I have separate journals for all of them]
Muse wanted: Bat-Family or Super-Family muses, including but not limited to: Tim, Jason, Dick, Bruce, Damian, Barbara, Clark, Selina, Kon, Stephanie, and Cassie.
Community: anywhere you want it, but I like bakerstreet, PSLs, and museboxes best
Fandom: DCU (crossovers are cool, too)
Canon or AU: Both and either/or
Medium: Mostly, I take from Pre-Flashpoint canon from the comics. However, I'm up to date on New 52 and/or am open to AUs.
Contact via: comment or PM, please

Some information about your game/preferences/AU/whatever would be great: Please come prepared for adult situations. I'm not saying the RPs will be 100% smut-based, but I do tend to swing that way a lot and don't want to scare anyone away.
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Your Muse: Selina Kyle/Catwoman.
Muse wanted: Any characters from Nolan-verse, but also anyone from the DCU that you feel inclined to play.
Community: Memes, PSLs, museboxes, anything!
Fandom: Batman, but any other DCU continuities are welcome too.
Canon or AU: Canon.
Medium: Movies with bits from the comics, I suppose.
Contact via: PMs or comments here.

Selina's just clamoring to stretch her legs, and I'm very much open to any sort of plotting, so feel free to hit me up!
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Your Muse: Cir-El
Muse wanted: Superman, Supergirl, or Superboy
Community: [community profile] mdc_universe
Fandom: Superheroes
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: Any Medium
Contact via: AIM - Masasrtham, MSN/email - mangacide@gmail.com

Our setting is a merged comic book universe based on the Marvel vs DC storyline, which described the two main comicbook 'verses as belonging to a pair of Brothers even higher on the cosmic scale than the highest level cosmic entities of their Multiverses. The Brothers were two parts of a single whole. And one day they came together once and for all; allowing each member of their Universes a choice; remain individual as you are or join with one from the other side to become a brand new person. An Amagamation.

Our game accepts most superhero characters. Even Movie/Animated/other versions of those characters! We're all-inclusive here! :D And we're pretty casual too. There's an FAQ set up as a suppliment to the Rules. And we've got a Wishlist of characters we'd like to see in the game.
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Your Muse: Astrid Hofferson (How to Train Your Dragon) and Calvin "Freckle" McMurray (Lackadaisy) are the relevant ones.
Muse wanted: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How to Train Your Dragon), Rocky Rickaby and Ivy Pepper (Lackadaisy).
Also, though they'd have no canonmates currently, (though I may re-app Harley Quinn in the future), Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Poison Ivy from whichever canon you prefer.
Community: [community profile] sortinghat_rp 
Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon, Lackadaisy, DC
Canon or AU: AU - Sorting Hat is a Hogwarts AU game.
Medium: Film, Webcomic, Comic/Television/Film
Contact via: Comment here!

Sorting Hat takes place shortly after the end of the first wizarding war, and focuses on both school life and how students' lives are affected by the wizarding world at large. A Harry Potter verse background is required, and if you have any trouble or questions with that, not only will I help out gladly, but the mods are very willing to offer assistance.
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Your Muse: John Constantine
Muse wanted: Lucifer, Gabriel, angels, half-demons, demons, and etc etc of the supernatural world...
Community: Anywhere you want it, you got it.
Fandom: Constantine (2005)
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: Movie with a sprinkle of Hellblazer Comic
Contact via: Here; pm me.

This John Constantine is a younger version of John Constantine they portrayed in the movie Constantine. He is less experienced and spiritually weak. He is still training and extremely cocky and a huge potty mouth. He hasn't used Gabriel to make him his enemy yet, but is still in Lucifer's "most wanted" list due to his suicide and practice of exorcising and deporting half-demons and other supernatural beings for tipping the balance.
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Your Muse: Eddie Nigma
Muse wanted: A whole lot of them!
Community: Undecided; there are a lot of possibilities both on DW and LJ, depending on what people prefer!
Fandom: The DCU! Mostly Batman stuff, but other titles are loved, too.
Canon: AU. Very much AU.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: AU taking inspiration from any DC canon or a mix of canons!
PB: Any that you think fit the characters.
Contact via: Here is fine!

Are you a fan of DC comics? Do you like AUs? Do you want to do something different with a canon character and make them your own?

What could you do with a character? If you ''rebooted'' someone, how would YOU toy with the concept? )

Play can take place on either Livejournal or Dreamwidth. There are, after all, dressing rooms, meme comms, and the possibility of personal journals or 'verse comms on both! I am just really excited to see what people come up with. ♥

Anyone interested?

(This post is also being cross-posted to the Livejournal comm.)
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Your Muse: Jason and Lois Lane
Muse wanted: Clark Kent primarily; anyone else also good
Community: Personal journals, sandboxes, SWS, etc
Fandom: Superman Returns with heavy doses of other DCU continuities mixed in
Canon or AU: Canon(-ish)
Medium: Movie with bits pulled from comics
Contact via: PM solisfilium or rememberswhy

Basically want to run post-movie adventures and explore the family dynamic, and see what direction they develop. Also I am open to discussing a comm--and any other DCUers interested in playing in this version of their are welcome. (Bruce et Batfam would be particularly fun.)
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Your Muse: Jim Gordon
Muse wanted: Any and all characters from Nolan-verse (especially Gordon's posse) and Tony Stark (see details below~).
Community: Anywhere with a preference to journals/logs.
Fandom: Batman (and Iron Man)
Canon or AU: Open to canon from the first two films and very open to AUs and crossovers.
Medium: Movie (for the most part - open to incorporating stuff from the comics, too)
Contact via: Comment here or PM, please.

So, it's been a while since I've played this guy here and I know with the [last] movie coming out in a few months I'll be wanting to get him active and back out there and having some of his castmates around would definitely help/be awesome. ^^

A long shot for a truly rare ship. )
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

Here are some examples of the tags we will be using here:

[anime/manga]: cowboy bebop

[book]: a song of ice and fire

[comics]: batman

[game]: kingdom hearts

[movie]: mean girls

[play]: infamous

[tv show]: star trek

[web series]: the guild