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Your Muse: Emma Swan, Regina Mills, Snow White, Belle, Flynn Rider, Cinderella, Ariel
Muse wanted: For Emma Hook, Neal, Regina, August, Graham, Elsa, Belle. Gen things with her family, especially her parents and Henry. | For Regina Robin, Emma, Hook, Gold. Gen things with the others, especially Henry. | For Snow David, Hercules. Gen things with her family. | For Belle Rumple, Hook, Emma. The Beast. | For Flynn Rapunzel, Frozen crew. | For Cinderella Her prince! | For Ariel Eric.
Community: N/A. PSLs or bakerstreet threads, please!
Fandom: Once Upon a Time, Folklore, Disney.
Canon or AU: A mix of both would be great!
Medium: Show | Film.
Contact via: PM or contact here!
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Your Muse: Snow White, as a spy (info in profile).
Muse wanted: Other members of her organization (Disney muses), Villains. Heck, other spies/espionage types in general.
Community: Bakerstreet, probably some SWS. I love museboxes and PSLs.
Fandom: Disney.
Canon or AU: Very much AU.
Medium: Movies.
Contact via: Here is good!

Probably about a year ago on Livejournal there was a bit of a group of us, mostly other Disney princess re-imagined as spies and mercenaries. I just rediscovered this journal and I'd love to get something going again. Not limited to just Princesses (or Princes). I was thinking their organization could have different divisions that every character could fit into.

I'd also love cross-overs with other spy types. I'm pretty open to all sorts of ideas and brainstorming.
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Your Muse: Elsa
Muse wanted: Emma, Anna, and Hans (and any other Frozen people!)
Community: Just memes
Fandom: Frozen (both film and OUAT)
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: Movie/TV
Contact via: Here or PM are both great!

I would like to rp with an Emma from OUAT and a Hans! But an Emma is what I'd really like the most. I'd like to do it mostly OUAT, but I love the movie, so I'd play around with that, too.

And I'd love an interested Anna for sister-bonding time!
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Your Muse: Bobble, Silvermist, or Periwinkle, mostly. Also Prilla, but I haven't read the books in ages.
Muse wanted: Any of the "Disny Fairies" franchise characters.
Community: memes, museboxing, sws... Whatever.
Fandom: Tinker Bell/Disney Fairies/Pixie Hollow/whatever you wanna call it
Canon or AU: Canon, but I'd be up for AU.
Medium: Movies and (optionally) books.
Contact via: Comment here

I'm pretty sure there aren't many, if any, people left who roleplay these pixies, but it's worth a shot. I'm up to anything in terms of who is being played off of who and in what way.
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Your Muse: Thumbelina
Muse wanted: Any Disney, Disney-related, or Disney-esque characters!
Community: [profile] walt_disney_academy
Fandom: Disney animated, Disney live-action, Pixar animated, Don Bluth animated, Dreamworks Animated, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Narnia series, or any drama-driven animated/liveaction canons that don't surpass the PG-13 levels and can fit into a single, Disney world.
Canon or AU: Slight AU, just so everyone can fit into the same world.
Medium: All of them?
Contact via: Comment here, lottielogic01 @ AIM, spiralnoir@yahoo.com, PM at headmouseter, or Anon Mod Contact if that's more your thing. Lots of ways!

If you're interested at all and have any questions about whether a character or canon is app-able, feel free to ask! I'm more than happy to help.
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Your Muse: Obviously I have Rapunzel here, but I also have Giselle and Tiana journals. I'll take whoever isn't wanted, basically.
Muse wanted: Any of the official Disney Princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel)! Some of the unofficial Disney leading ladies would be welcome, too, particularly Kida and Giselle, since they've made appearances in the comics. (Also Merida once Brave comes out!)
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories, character journals.
Fandom: Disney Princesses, inspired by [tumblr.com profile] amymebberson's "Pocket Princesses" series
Canon or AU: Sort of cracky AU/canon mix. See below!
Medium: Film/Fanart
Contact via: Comment here, please!

So, I love the idea of all the Princesses hanging out together in some kind of mix of all their worlds, probably with a bit of meta and definitely with a handful of silliness. Canon points can vary by Princess; that'd be fine! I don't know, there's still stuff to flesh out here, and I'd love to hear what people want to do if anyone's even interested at all!
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Your Muse: Vidia
Muse wanted: Any and all Disney Fairies, bookve
Community: [community profile] sortinghat_rp, but I'd also love one-on-one museboxing or groups for SWS or whatever!
Fandom: Disney Fairies
Canon or AU: AU for Sorting Hat, either for anything elsse.
Medium: Film/Books
Contact via: Comment here, please!

I use the journal [personal profile] speedily for Sorting Hat, with a PB, but really, you don't need one.
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Your Muse: Georgia Scarlett (Modern, young Gothel)
Muse wanted: Modern, college-aged Disney characters!
Community: I'd probably set up a comm if a lot of people are interested, but it won't be a game that requires apps. [community profile] sixwordstories is also an option!
Fandom: Disney animation
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Movies
Contact via: Here, please!

It seems there's always a push for something like this going around, right? Well, here's the latest. Just looking for some chill times in a modern college AU Disney setting.

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Your Muse: Rapunzel
Muse wanted: Flynn Rider
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories, museboxing, whatever.
Fandom: Tangled
Canon or AU: Canon, AU, whatever!
Medium: Film
Contact via: Comment here, please!

I really just love these two, and want someone to play around with them with. Being open to AUs is a major, major bonus, but not at all requirement. I am fine with multiple people, although it seems unlikely given how few people seem to still play Flynn.

Relatedly, I play Rapunzel with a different account at [community profile] sortinghat_rp, a Harry Potter AU comm game, but that requires a touch more information. Curious minds inquire within!
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Your Muse: Troll!Lumiere ([personal profile] charmingglow ) and Troll!Rapunzel ([personal profile] artisticconvalescent ). We also have Troll!Megamind (no account yet) and Troll!Cogsworth ([personal profile] chronologicalarchivist )
Muse wanted: Anyone from Beauty and the Beast or anything Disney/Dreamworks.
Community: a musebox, probably!
Fandom: Disney/Dreamworks and Homestuck
Medium: Film and Webcomic
Contact via: Comment here, please!
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

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