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Your Muse: Arthur
Muse wanted: Ariadne
Community: sws, ssws, bakerstreet, and/or PSLs
Fandom: Inception
Canon or AU: Canon preferred. Will consider AU.
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Leave comment on this post or message me privately.

No need for paragraph long responses with my Arthur. I tend to write sparsely sometimes. I am looking for someone long term, who isn't going to flake. What I want is to play out their relationship from the beginning right as they get off the plane until whenever we both get tired of this.
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Your Muse: Ariadne
Muse wanted: Arthur (I'd readily consider playing against others, but I'd really love to play against a good Arthur)
Community: PSL or f_rogers (or PSL with possibility of taking it to comm later)
Fandom: Inception
Canon: Canon preferred; will consider AU for a PSL
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie
PB: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Contact via: Comment or alternatively post here.
Other Details: Basic details about me are on the post here. Really, with these two, I want to delve into what could be a hypothetically complex relationship between two characters.
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Your Muses: Jason Todd, movieverse!Loki and Ariadne
Muses wanted: Dick Grayson, but the Batclan in general is super welcome. Thor, maaaybe Sif? And Arthur, Eames or Fischer.
Community: Journals, email?
Fandom: DCU (Under the Red Hood), Thor/Avengers, Inception
Canon or AU: Both. Both are good.
Medium: Comics for the first, movies for the other two.
Contact via: this journal? Or leave a message on this post ovo

- So I recently got into NightHood (is that even the pairing name?) and I have a lot of shippy feels. I'd love to write character exploration, Jason against the values that Batman places on the vigilantes of Gotham, robin!feels, etc etc.

- Mostly pre-movie stuff for Loki and Thor, I think? But post-movie and AUs sound pretty fun too. Probably much angst to be written here, and Nordic myth bastardized to fit MCU strewn all over the place.

- Again more character exploration. I think it's really interesting how Ariadne held her own so well in a movie that has only one other female character; I'd love to write her post movie with any one of the three muses mentioned. I ship them in almost any permutation, but I'm fine with writing it just as a post-movie gen thing also, just probably with lots of overthinky dream consequences.

wow okay sorry for the tl;dr, but feel free to message! :D
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Your Muse: Natasha Romanov
Muse wanted: Basically any Marvel characters, or spy/assassin/agent/soldier type muses. I'm fine with original characters as well.
Community: sws, ssws, bakerstreet, and/or PSLs
Fandom: MCU, Marvel Comics, or whatever applies
Canon: Up to the mun
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Again, doesn't really matter.
PB: Up to the mun.
Contact via: This post or PM is fine.

(PM, comment, ect) I'd really love James Bond (from the Craig franchise), because 007 and the Black Widow running into each other would be fun, right?
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Your Muse: Lisa Cuddy
Muse wanted: House characters (assuming people even play House characters anymore); and other characters - see fandom tags attached to this post! Original characters welcome, too!!
Community: sws; bakerstreet; rp journals; whatev, Kev.
Fandom: House
Canon: Cuddy is canon in that I play her in-character and make references to canon things. I otherwise very happily deviate from canon and even more happily add and subtract my own tidbits about Cuddy.
Contact via: comment here or send me a PM!

I JUST WANT GOOD ROLEPLAY. GOOOOOD ROLEPLAY. I play mainly in sws, though I do miss prose-style rp. Enjoy writing smut, love the hell out of character development, love a bit of angst, a bit of drama. Very open to OCs and crossovers!

Just one thing to note: my Cuddy doesn't have a kid. Aaaand... I generally don't play Cuddy past the episode of 'Joy' in season five (after which, in my opinion, the show took a sharp and violent nosedive into What The Fuck Is This Shit). BUT for plot-line purposes, I'm happy to start from any point in canon if it means I get me some decent roleplay fix. :-)

I usually play Cuddy as straight/heteroflexible, however I'm definitely in no way averse to trying on some femmeslash.

Hit me up with your character! Don't be shy! I'm friendly and love to write with people! Tagging all the shows/books/movies I'm familiar with. Even if your character's canon isn't tagged or if you play an original character, drop me a line. :-)
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Your Muse: Einar (His info is on his profile)
Muse wanted: Ephraim, his partner
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet mostly, but probably PSLs as well
Fandom: Inception
Canon: OC
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie
PB: I don't have anyone in mind, I'll leave that up to you
Contact via: (PM, comment, ect) here is best, or PM

Einar and Ephraim were partners in every sense of the word, they were trained and tested together, they were lovers, and when Einar went rogue, Ephraim went with him because they were young and in love and could take on the world. Things were good for a while, until one day, on a job, something went wrong and Ephraim never woke up.

He's not trapped in Limbo, not really, because he's only a prisoner of his own subconscious, not the shared dreamspace. Einar still goes to visit him in the care home, and Einar pays for his room and board to make sure he's well taken care of. Einar also visits his dreams, from time to time, though over the years they've gotten built up and complicated enough that Einar has trouble navigating sometimes. Ephraim is still cognizant, in the dream-state, but doesn't know why he can't wake up, just that something is keeping him there.

Now, obviously, I realize that playing a coma patient who's personality only exists on a dream plane isn't going to be much fun, which is why I have options!
+ Playing Ephraim from before the botched job (yay timeloops!)
+ Playing him just on the dreamplane (if that interests you)
+ Playing miraculously-recovered!Ephraim (it could happen!)
+ Playing a mirror-verse version where Einar was the one who didn't wake up (paradox!)
+ Other! Give me something, we can make it work.
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Your Muse: Arthur
Muse wanted: Cobb, Ariadne, possibly an Eames depending on my friend. I'm okay with OC's too.
Community: Anywhere, really.
Fandom: Inception
Canon or AU: Either but I typically play from Canon
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here.

Info here
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

Here are some examples of the tags we will be using here:

[anime/manga]: cowboy bebop

[book]: a song of ice and fire

[comics]: batman

[game]: kingdom hearts

[movie]: mean girls

[play]: infamous

[tv show]: star trek

[web series]: the guild