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Your muse: Loki (Marvel)
Muses wanted: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Jane Foster, other Marvel characters and OCs
Fandom: Marvel, MCU
Canon or AU: Both, but AUs located within the canon, please. (No high-school, college, etc Aus.)
Medium: Movies and/or comics.
Contact via: Email works best for me. Mine is thatsadnerd@gmail.com.

I'm mostly looking for any sort of Marvel roleplay right now, but my best and most complete ideas are with Tony, Steve, and Jane Foster. Other canon characters and OCs are welcome too, though. I am 20 but willing to write with anyone, and I am located in GMT. I can write upwards of 600-1500 words and am looking for someone who can do the same. This said, I'm very patient when it comes to waiting for posts. I'd rather have a long post once a week or so than a short one daily.

I hope to hear from you. Let's make something marvel-ous! (Sorry, I had to.)
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Your Muse: Rogue / Marie
Muse wanted: Deadpool / Wade Wilson
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse for Rogue
Canon or AU: AUing it up!
Medium: Movie / Comics
Contact via: Comment here, PM, or [plurk.com profile] taintedcrimson

Spoilers for recent comics (because I'm behind in my reading) have gotten me thinking about this dynamic and I'd love to explore it with my version of Rogue. I take her from the era of Days of Future Past, where in the Rogue Cut version of the film it was revealed that she was experimented on by scientists who wanted to use her powers to help win the war. This is an older Rogue who spent years with the X-Men and teaching at the school before the world went to hell.

Anyway, I'd love to fling her into the multiverse and have her encounter a Wade. (My Rogue, much like her comics counterpart, won't give a damn what he looks like, for the record.) Open to all sorts of ideas, mostly just wanting to give a try and see how things go.
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Your Muse: Peter Quill
Muse wanted: Yondu Udonta or Ego
Community: memes or psl
Fandom: MCU (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Canon or AU: Either!
Medium: Movie
Contact via: PM or we can swap plurks.

Basically hankering for father stuff for Peter! I'm down with canon aus or what-if aus.

With Yondu I would like to play around with their history, maybe do some stuff pre GOTG1 or between GOTG1/GOTG2.

With Ego I would like to play out more interaction between them! I'm also down with dark side stuff au where his encounter with Ego's went differently. Basically just more Ego.
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Your Muse: this huge shitbag, donald pierce.
Muse wanted: logan/x-men muses, logan, caliban, laura, his wife/girlfriend, transigen nurses/employees, zander rice
Community: bakerstreet, journals
Fandom: x-men
Canon or AU: either/or
Medium: film; see notes below
Contact via: here.

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Your Muse: Bucky Barnes (will play side characters as well)
Muse wanted: Steve Rogers
Community: none- would prefer to do this over e-mail
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Both, either! I'm open to any plot bunny.
Medium: Movie/ Comic
Contact via: e-mail: tristasays @ gmail . Com, google chat with the same e-mail

I have been playing Bucky for several years now, and am looking for a Steve or two to play against. I have a fairly open schedule and can reply on a regular basis. 

I'm into anything and everything- I like plot, I like fluff, I like basically everything. I'm not looking for anything too sad at the moment even though I am definitely into tragic elements in a plot line. I am open to canon and au and would love to come up with a plot together!

Obviously this will be a Steve/Bucky rp. I am open to 18+ as well as fade to black, but would prefer my partners be 21+. 

If you'd like to chat, send me an e-mail, or message me on google chats! I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Your Muse: James Buchanan Barnes
Muse wanted: Brock Rumlow, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Loki, Alexander Pierce, Natasha Romanoff, etc.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: some of both
Medium: Movie
Contact via: comment or private message

I am here for HYDRA-related shenanigans, hardcore angst, fighting, and/or happy ending fluff.
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Your Muse: Natasha Romanoff
Muse wanted: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, also others; pretty much anyone, really. Also into tossing her at MCU muses.
Community: bakerstreet and PSLs
Fandom: Marvel 616
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Comics; I also have an MCU 'verse Nat, if that appeals more than my ideas here.
Contact via: Here, PM, I also have Plurk and Discord, just ask!

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Your Muse: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, either from the 616!comics, the MCU, or a mashup of the two.
Muse Wanted: I'm open to both canonmates and crossovers.
Community: PSLs only over journals or GDocs.
Fandom: Marvel
Canon or AU: Either! I have ideas to throw out for discussion regarding characters Peter commonly interacts with, but I welcome bouncing him off someone new and brainstorming different dynamics.
Medium: Comic books and film.
Contact: If interested, feel free to leave a comment on this post or here in my character journal. More information about me as a player can also be found in the link to my journal. Comments are screened at both locations.
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Your Muse: Dr. Stephen Strange
Muse wanted: Anyone from the MCU, really!
Community: SWS, PSL
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Canon, AU
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Here!

Some information about your game/preferences/AU/whatever would be great!

I'm just really in the mood for Strange-related shenanigans and dying for a small glimpse of Infinity Wars. I'd particularly love interactions with Mordo, the Ancient One, Wong, Kaecilius, Christine, and also Tony Stark for some awesome facial hair bros. Anyone from the MCU is welcome though!

Not looking for ships at this time and I prefer to stay PG-13 for all threads. AU's definitely welcome.
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Your Muse: Steve Rogers
Muse wanted: Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, other Avengers (particularly Tony, Natasha and Sam), Brock Rumlow
Community: bakerstreet / PSL
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon or AU: Canon, but definitely open to what-if scenarios and AUs
Medium: Movies
Contact via: Here or PM

Looking for PSL/meme partners who are also up for some plotting, because I'm not particularly good at winging it. I'm also rusty as heck, so while shipping is great, gen is awesome too.
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Your Muse: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Gwen Stacy, Stephanie Rogers, T'Challa.
Muse wanted: For Steve Bucky, Peggy, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Bruce, Sharon, T'Challa, Wanda. | For Bucky Steve, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Bruce, Wanda. | For Wanda Vision, Pietro, Steve, Clint, Natasha, Sharon, Sam, Bruce, Bucky. | For Gwen Peter, MJ, Harry. | For Steph Bucky, Sam, Peggy, Sharon, Wanda, Clint, Bruce, Natasha. | For T'Challa Ororo, Bucky, Steve, Sam.
Community: N/A. PSLs or bakerstreet threads, please!
Fandom: Marvel.
Canon or AU: A mix of both would be great!
Medium: Film.
Contact via: PM or contact here!
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Your Muse: Steve Rogers/Captain America
Muse wanted: Peggy Carter
Community: Strictly PSLs
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Basically AU since, y'know.
Medium: Threads (prose, medium to long tags, willing to work at a variable pace)
Contact via: Message this journal, we'll chat and go from there!

Looking for Steve's best girl (nitpicky enthusiasm within!) )
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Your Muse: Natasha Romanoff
Muse wanted: Clint Barton
Community: PSLs, memes
Fandom: Marvel
Canon or AU: either
Medium: MCU, 616, animated series, mobile games
Contact via: PM or reply here

It's become nearly impossible to find an active Clint that will still play this ship, and that breaks my poor battered little heart. I have this MCU version right here that I can play from whatever canon point (minus the Bruce stuff because no), or I also have a 616 version I would love to play around with. Also I'm in love with the animated Avengers shows, and the silly little Avengers Academy mobile game, so these versions are also options!

Ultimately I just really miss playing this ship from Natasha's side and would love a Clint interested in building up a good ol' PSL. Past and AU stuff is awesome, or for MCU if anyone wants to pick up after Civil War I'd be down for that too (just preferably with a Clint AU'd to not have the family, or a divorced version). I'd likely die if a 616 version answered lol. Any takers?
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Your Muse: Kurt Wagner [AKA: Nightcrawler]
Muse wanted: Quicksilver, Archangel/Angel
Community: Could do some meme or journal stuff, but mostly private story lines. (Still kind of new to this dreamwidth thing ...)
Fandom: X-Men/Marvel
Canon or AU: Up for both
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Can leave a message here or PM me~

uhhh ... as stated above, still kind of new to the whole dreamwidth thing. haven't been able to play much, seeing as how i just recently got a new computer. i've been out of the game for about four years, so ... kind of rusty! would love to have someone who has the patience to deal with that and the fact that my little blueberry is a new muse. haha~

kind of looking for shippy stuff? fluffiness makes me squee. c: i'd even be down for some possible fight scenes with angel? their interaction was definitely ... interesting. 8]

note: any canon-mate interaction would be fantastic, too! does not need to be shipping~ definitely need to build up on the character.
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Your Muse: Darcy Lewis
Muse wanted: Thor, Jane, Loki, and and all MCU/Comic muses!
Community: maybe some meme fun but mostly seeking psls.
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here, PM, or even [plurk.com profile] knithat 

I'm really just looking for some low-key shenanigans involving Darcy. Whether it be meme fun or private storylines. I'm a bit rusty at playing on here so I'm looking for someone laid back!
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Your Muse: Rogue / Marie
Muse wanted: Gambit / Remy LeBeau
Community: [community profile] cityofsin
Fandom: X-Men/Marvel
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: Comics/Movie/Television
Contact via: Comments, PM, or [plurk.com profile] taintedcrimson

I am absolutely desperate to have a Remy in the City of Sin. My Rogue is from the X-Men Cinematic Universe, taken from the end of Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut. She's classified as an AU in CoS because of over a decade of headcanon between X-3 and DoFP, including a marriage to Remy that ended in his death during the war.

I'd love to play with absolutely any version of Remy just to see how Rogue would take meeting another version of the man she loved. If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to share more of her story and talk all about how amazing CoS is. :D (We've got a Test Drive Meme up, too!)
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Your Muse: Natasha Romanoff
Muse wanted: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Sam, etc etc. Pretty much any of the Marvel muses, anyone with assassin brain-washing baggage. 
Community: PSLs / memes / IMs / where ever. I will pretty much play anywhere at all, so seriously, just let me know what your preference is.
Fandom: MCU / Marvel Comics 
Canon or AU: Mostly interested in canon-based (my kingdom for something post-Civil War), though also down for backstory stuff, what-ifs and AUs that aren't de-powered. Natasha as I play her is by default sort of a blend of MCU and comics backstory, so that's a little AU by default. I've always been interested in things set in alternate eras, too.
Medium: Comics and Movies
Contact via: Here, PM, or IM @ silkenwinters

So, first off, I have totally seen Civil War, but I am MORE than willing to avoid spoilers if someone wants to play that hasn't had a chance to see it yet. I'm honestly down for playing just about anything.

That said, I would freaking love some Bucky/Nat stuff. I ship it with the fire of a hundred thousand suns. I'm open to most pairings as long as we can make it make sense, but I'm also here for platonic bro things, just specify which way you're leaning. I'm also down for starting off as friends and seeing where the SL takes us. As stated above, I generally play Nat with her history with Bucky from the Red Room, but can potentially skip it if you dislike it for whatever reason, just talk to me about it and we can work it out.

I'm writhing in agony with my need to play her, some kind soul please help.
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Your Muse: Barry Allen
Muse wanted: Marvel muses! Specifically thinking Loki or Tony, but any of them. :)
Community: Bakerstreet and the like?
Fandom: The Flash TV and Marvel of your choice?
Canon or AU: Both~
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here or PM is good!

I just... really want to write Barry with Marvel characters. Shipping (open to anything)/gen/whatever. Just interaction please? :)
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Your Muse: Peter Parker/Spiderman
Muse wanted: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Community: PSL's, memes, whatever!
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon or AU: Both works for me~
Medium: Movie
Contact via: PM or this post!

Still on the hunt for a Deadpool! My kingdom for a Wade ~
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Your Muse: Matt Murdock.
Muse wanted: My kingdom for a Frank Castle.
Community: Bakerstreet is lovely, but also a PSL might be nice.
Fandom: Daredevil.
Canon or AU: More or less.
Medium: Netflix series.
Contact via: Here or PM.

This has been one of my favourite ships for a long time now, and usually I play Frank to a Matt. But now that the second series is out I would love to find a willing participant to turn the tables. Given the nature of their relationship, I'd really enjoy a slow build up, and no fairy tale romances.