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Your Muse: Harley Quinn
Muse wanted: Anyone from Suicide Squad (movie/ comics)
Community: nexus_crossings
Fandom: Suicide Squad, DC Comics
Canon or AU: open to either
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) open to anything
Contact via: PM or tag here

Additional information: Just looking for some Suicide Squad members to post with.
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Your Muse: Shelby Manning
Muse wanted: Shane Worthington
Community: [community profile] wayswithwords, [community profile] sixwordstories, PSLs
Fandom: Need For Speed
Canon or AU: Original
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here

I really would like someone for Shelby to play off of more regularly, especially who can interact with her professionally. Shane is an NPC I've been playing for a while but a huge part of her canon; he's her strategist (the person who calls her races) and the two have become good friends albeit with a complicated relationship. You can see a recent scene I've written between them here to get an idea of his voice.

Shane's a fun character; he's a die-hard competitor and can often be an ass, but with Shelby there's a mutual respect and a growing friendship because they have to spend some of the most important moments of their lives together. I do not ship them, but I have toyed with the idea in the past so if someone wants to play that, I'd be open to it. I just feel like it would be more rewarding if someone else played him now instead of me writing the whole story.

TL;DR; if you want to play some snarky bromance (even though she's a girl), hit me up. If you have another muse who would want to play with Shelby, hit me up as well!
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Your Muse: Hunter
Muse wanted: Will
Community: PSL
Fandom: Beastly
Canon or AU: Canon or AU
Medium: Book or Movie
Contact via: PM or comment here

Verse Ideas: Hunter is AU'ed after the movie's ending, and is currently living on his own and making his own path. He still has his tattoos and piercings. In particular, I am eternally hopeful to find someone to play Will, who was Hunter's tutor in Beastly, as a potential love interest. I am really hoping for a romantic plot. Most of the scenes would be Private Journal postings. Additional information upon request.

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Your Muse: Makoto Naegi
Muse wanted: Kyoko Kirigiri
Community: none.
Fandom: Dangan Ronpa
Canon or AU: canon! although i wouldn't be opposed to an AU.
Medium: either the game or the anime is fine.
Contact via: my skype! it's ethanlefeb1. alternatively, my tumblr is makoxo, and my email is ethan@lefebvre.us! i'm likely to respond to skype or tumblr, but if you have to, my email works too.

i really don't have any preferences! just so long as Makoto and Kyoko can have comfortable fluffy moments together, i'm a happy camper.
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Your Muse: Hunter
Muse wanted: male love interest
Community: nexus_sages, character journals
Fandom: Beastly
Canon or AU: open to canon, cross-canon or AUs
Medium: Movie or Book
Contact via: Here is good, or PM me

Hunter is AU'ed after the movie's ending, and is currently living on his own and making his own path. He still has his tattoos and piercings. In particular, I am really hoping for a romantic plot. Most of the scenes would be Private Journal postings. Additional information upon request.

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Your Muse: Agent Percival (OC but has lots of fanon.)
Muse wanted: James Spencer aka Agent Lancelot
Community: bakerstreet, SSWS, SWS, PSL
Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Canon or AU: Super duper AU!
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc): Movieverse
Contact via: Here works for me.
My kingdom for these two together. They can be fluff, serious, funny, sadistic and anywhere in between. They are so deeply devoted to the other. I would like to explore them.
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Your Muse: Professor James Moriarty (profile here)
Muse wanted: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Sebastian Moran, Athelney Jones, basically any of the Sherlock/ACD lovelies. The Doctor, the Master, Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, and any number of AUs/OC's/cross-canons are welcome! 
Community: bakerstreet, sws, psl, whatever you're game for.
Fandom: Moriarty, ACD, Sherlock
Canon or AU:  Canon-mash. 
Contact via: This post or PM.
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Your Muse: Oni Girard (OC)
Muse wanted: Any bastet, gurahl, mokole, corvax, etc-- Gimme all your Fera, basically, or cross canon.
Community: PSL's or museboxes
Fandom: Werewolf, the Apocalypse
Canon or AU: Canon or AU
Medium: Ye olden tabletop
Contact via: Comment, or PM if you prefer

I know it's a long-shot, but I play this pint-sized rage machine. She's a Silent Strider, so it's assumed that she'd be good at socializing diplomatically with the various other Fera and members of the Ahadi, but the truth of the matter is... She majorly sucks at it. I'd sell my left kidney for a were-bear. Someone rough and reclusive, who may appear dense but is actually quite empathic and totally unfazed by Oni's sass-mouth.
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Your Muse: Carlos the Scientist
Muse wanted: Any and all castmates from WTNV.
Community: bakerstreet, PSLs
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Canon or AU: Both are equally welcome.
Medium: Podcast
Contact via: PM or a comment here.

I’ve had a really tough time finding WTNV muses for some reason, though I’m sure there’s more than just a handful of us out there in the void which is the internet.

I’m basically looking for anything: gen, romance, fluff, smut, AU, canon-compliant. It's all good. I absolutely adore Cecilos and would love to play out different aspects of their relationship, anywhere from the “pining from a distance” stage to “overwhelming domesticity” and everything between. Having said that, though, I’m also open to exploring other romances depending on the context of the RP. Got a Kevin, or even an Earl Harlan? Let’s talk.

Like I said previously though, gen is also good. I’m also a huge sucker for AUs in general. Anything with a supernatural or magical twist is particularly welcome. I just really adore this podcast and the characters and would love to have more of an opportunity to explore them all from an RP perspective.
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Your Muse: Gavin Free
Muse wanted: Achievement Hunters/RT Cast, X-Ray & Vav, RWBY
Community: Memes, PSL's, etc!
Fandom: Achievement Hunter?
Canon or AU: Either! Anything. GTA!Verse, Minecraft!Verse, King!Verse, other various AU's
Medium: Let's Plays
Contact via: This post or PM!

Hey guys! So I have Mr. Gavin Free here, member of Slo Mo Guys and Achievement Hunter. He's a lovely lad and I'm looking for some of his friends! Also open to X-Ray & Vav or RWBY verse.

Sorry to say I can't really do RVB as of yet because I'm only on S3! Unless you know of a compelling way for me to bring Gavin in without me having to know much about the RVB plot, I'm afraid I'll be kind of useless for plotting in that department ):
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Your Muse: William Brandt
Muse wanted: Clint Barton, Marvel muses
Community: bakerstreet, psl
Fandom: Mission Impossible, Marvel
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) Movie, TV
Contact via: Here or PM

So, I have a headcanon that Will and Clint are twins. Mixing a bit of 616 and MCU, the twins were separated when their parents died. Will ended up going to a family that took care of him and he ended up in the CIA. Clint (and Barney) ran away from their homes and joined the circus. All past details are negotiable, but I would love to have a Clint to bounce for some snarky brother bonding time.

Also, looking for other Marvel muses for a bit of cross-canon shenanigans. Shipping not necessary, but willing to discuss.
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Your Muse: Andrew Detmer
Muse Wanted: Steve Montgomery, Matt Garetty, ... or Carrie White would be awesome.
Community: PSLs and [community profile] bakerstreet
Fandom: Chronicle
Canon or AU: Both.
Contact via: Here! Or PM.

By the time Chronicle is over, most of the interesting characters are dead, ... and that's really unfortunate for rp purposes. But if Jean Grey's powers can protect/resurrect her, why couldn't Andrew's and Steve's?  What I really want is a post-canon AU where their powers take over and repair whatever damage was done to their bodies, and they wake up - in a coffin underground? in a government facility? Either way, this would leave them wide open for continued character development and for all sorts of plots. After everything that happened, would the guys keep developing their abilities or would they hide from them? Help people or take advantage? Become their world's version of superheroes - or supervillains?

Would Steve hold a grudge about that accidental lightening death thing? Would Andrew hold a grudge about being impaled? YES.

Also, the fact that Andrew pulled a Carrie and outed them to the public complicates things in a way that could be really interesting. How would a bunch of 18 year olds adapt to being pursued by the authorities? Or by covert government agencies possibly out to dissect them for science?  I can't be the only one who'd like to play that out. >]
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Your Muse: Byakuya Togami
Muse wanted: Touko Fukawa
Community: manydoorways on IJ, or PSLs
Fandom: Danganronpa
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Game/Anime
Contact via: Dropbox!

Togami is desperately bored without Touko following him around. Alternatively, if the game or IJ itself doesn't work for you, I'd be equally happy with a PSL playing either of these two (including on this server, I'm quite flexible). Really just looking to play one or the other in any format, tbh.

I'm familiar with the animation and some of the game canon, currently going through the animation for the second time. Open to playing them from pretty much any canon point. If you're interested in joining the game, manydoorways is a bit slower-paced, but I'm a fairly quick tagger myself. Togami really just needs someone to interact with who isn't a shouting troll or someone is going to end up murdered. (ha, murdered. Get it?)
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Your Muse: Dutch
Muse wanted: Jaqobis Brothers (D'avin and Johnny), Khlyen, other castmates, fun muses who would like to play with her.
Community: SWS, Bakerstreet, journals, I'm easy
Fandom: Killjoys
Canon or AU: Canon - can go AU too
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Comment here!

I've finished season one, and I am impatiently waiting for season 2 and while rewatching I picked up a muse along the way. She was trained in the royal harem for etiquette and skills that would make her befitting marrying a Prince, and at the age of 8 was also trained in hand to hand combat and skills that work well with assassination and covert operations. Six years from the start of the show her mentor Khlyen killed her husband (never really mentioned past this info), she met Johnny when he tried to steal her ship Lucy. They both joined the RAC (think bounty hunter who bring in the people that have warrants on them, exempt from government politics - theoretically). Six years later, Johnny saved his brother D'avin from a kill warrant and the three have been together since.

I'd be down for playing out some pre-show action, or running somewhere in the middle.
Or, if you're not from Killjoys, I'm down for working out an AU canon-mash-up.
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Your Muse: Cassandra King
Muse wanted: Alex Kane, Mr. Johnson, Cal Brown
Community: [community profile] wayswithwords, [community profile] sixwordstories, Journals
Fandom: The Player
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Comment

I know this show just started, but I'm hoping others are as interested in it as I am. I would particularly love an Alex to play against my Cassandra; I've seen one around but am not sure if they're still here. I also have an Alex if there is any interest.

I do play both characters strictly canon and am not interested in shipping/smut.
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Your Muse:  Mark Watney
Muse wanted: Castmates, specifically the rest of the Ares 3 crew (Lewis, Beck, Vogel, Johanssen, Martinez)
Community: Anywhere in DWRP land, but he's at [community profile] boomtown 
Fandom: The Martian
Canon or AU:  Novel canon for game (I play Mark from Sol 6-7 in the novel), but I am open to canon and AU for psls, memes, etc. If you want to play by movie canon - that would be cool too. Not picky about it.
Medium: Novel/movie
Contact via: Comments/This journal, AIM (wanderinspirits7), plurk (wanderinspirits)
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Your Muse: Tybalt of House Capulet
Muse wanted: Mercutio
Community: Journals, memes, etc. I'm partial to journal RP.
Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Play.
Contact via: This post, or PM.

This is going to sound like a really weird premise, but bear with me. What I'm looking to do is kind of a weird, AU buddy-comedy thing with Tybalt and Mercutio, where they're somehow plopped down into a completely foreign setting to them and need to band together and get over their hatred of each other to navigate it. The setting is negotiable, whether you want it to be somewhere in the modern day, or some fantasy scenario, or--I'm up for anything, really.

I played something like this in LJ's panfandom heyday about ten years ago, but never really made the most of it or took the plot anywhere, and now that I'm studying Shakespeare again, it's making me really want to dust off this ancient muse and give something similar another go.

I would also be interested in playing out a "neither of them dies" AU in the original setting of the play, just exploring their backstory and the house rivalry and all that fun stuff.

PBs are also entirely negotiable! Mercutio is up to you, and I'd be open to changing Tybalt's as well. I am not attached to any faces in particular.
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Your Muse: Marilyn Munster
Muse wanted: Lily, Herman, Eddie, Grandpa, her mother (Elizabeth Bathory), potentially some AHS Hotel muses.
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories, [community profile] bakerstreet, private journals
Fandom: The Munsters/Mockingbird Lane
Canon or AU: A little bit of both
Medium: TV
Contact via: Comments

As Halloween is fast approaching, my love for all things slightly spooky has been renewed; including Bryan Fuller's reboot. I loved the idea of taking the Munsters back to their "monster" roots and not sugar coating the fact that creatures like them do, in fact, kill people.

It was stated on the show that Marilyn's mother tried to eat her shortly after she was born and that was why she was raised by her Aunt and Uncle. Considering that, especially in the reboot, Grandpa is implied to be Dracula, I've always played with the idea that Marilyn's mother was Elizabeth Bathory. I'd love to see someone pick her up so that the two of them could work out their issues.

Also, that little bit of headcanon is what has led me to wanting an AHS: Hotel crossover as Gaga's character is heavily implied to be Bathory-like if not Bathory herself. Plus, I think Charity and Gaga could be related so why not.
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Your Muse: Andy McNally
Muse wanted: Sam Swarek! But really anyone from Rookie Blue.
Community: [community profile] wayswithwords, [community profile] sixwordstories, [community profile] smuttysws, PSLs
Fandom: Rookie Blue
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Comment

I have a feeling that this season is going to really shake up Andy's world, so I'd love to have a Sam for her to play that with. I'm a McSwarek shipper, so hopefully they won't break that up, but I'm really interested to see what they do with the developments at the end of season five. (I'm a US viewer, so no spoilers please if you're in Canada.)
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Your Muse: Charlotte Gracey
Muse wanted: Master Edward Gracey, Madame Leota, Constance Hatchaway, Ezra, Emma, and any other of the 999 "Happy Haunts" that now occupy Gracey Manor.
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories, [community profile] bakerstreet
Fandom: Disney's Haunted Mansion
Canon or AU: Ummm...is there a set canon for this? The stories keep changing.
Medium: Other (Theme Park Ride). And Movie. For while the movie had it's flaws, it also had some really good bits (mostly the imagery)
Contact via: Comments

The Haunted Mansion movie was on earlier and so, of course, that meant I had to remake Charlotte and bring her over to DW.

I'd love to get some other "residents" of the Manor for her to interact with -- especially a Master Gracey and a Madame Leota. Not to mention some ghostly servants. I mean not only are they Master Gracey and Madame Freaking Leota, but I think they would be fun to have around to switch between life and afterlife and actually see how they came to be in their present states.