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Your Muse: Professor James Moriarty (profile here)
Muse wanted: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Sebastian Moran, Athelney Jones, basically any of the Sherlock/ACD lovelies. The Doctor, the Master, Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, and any number of AUs/OC's/cross-canons are welcome! 
Community: bakerstreet, sws, psl, whatever you're game for.
Fandom: Moriarty, ACD, Sherlock
Canon or AU:  Canon-mash. 
Contact via: This post or PM.
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Your Muse: Sexy (human!TARDIS)
Muse wanted: The Doctor (any incarnation), Captain Jack, other various companions
Community: PSL's or [community profile] bakerstreet, any of the meme comm's really.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Canon / AU? Could do either, it's bound to be a little AU because she's alive.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: This post, PM, trickster8899 on AIM!

Definitely looking for more interaction with Sexy. I'm not caught up on the latest Doctor, but I'd still love to play with him. AU Doctors are fine too! I adore all of the companions; I'd love to have some interactions with you all. (:
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Your Muse: The Tenth Doctor
Muse wanted: Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, etc. Secondary characters only met in passing who would make good companions, and OC's. Enemies, frienemies, overlords both evil and benign. Some crossovers would even be welcome, depending on who the character is. Anyone? Everyone!
Community: memes, sws, personal journals.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Both are fantastic!
Medium: Television
Contact via: Reply here, or on my contact post, or PM me.

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Your Muse: The Doctor {au!}{9: [personal profile] livewithconsequence}{10: [personal profile] tenreasonstorun}
Muse wanted: Rose, Jack, Martha, Clara, River -- anyone. Really, just anyone. OCs, AUs, Pete's World, Canon Universe, even crossovers. Throw anyone at me!
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories, [community profile] bakerstreet, PSL, museboxes, wherever
Fandom: Doctor Who, or ANY FANDOM.
Canon or AU: Yes.
Medium: Any and all.
Contact via: Comment here or PM

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Your Muse: The Eleventh Doctor
Muse wanted: Craig Owens, the Tenth Doctor
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Canon, AUing to where Craig if Eleven's official companion
Medium: TV
Contact via: PM, comment here

Basically I want to rp out Craig Owens becoming the Doctor's companion. Maybe he comes to him after Angels of Manhattan or some earlier point. Craig has to deal with space and all that jazz. Looking for longer prose. Am slow posting with focus on backtagging long-term.

I'd also like to try the Tenth Doctor failing in the right direction with Eleven here. Basically getting used to each other, nitpicking who flies the TARDIS better, etc
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Your Muse: Rose Tyler
Muse wanted: Tenth Doctor, Meta-Crisis Ten, Eleventh Doctor
Community: anywhere, anything! But primarily journals.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: either/or. There's a potential for anything with 10.5, but 11 would no doubt be AU.
Medium: Television
Contact via: This post, pm.
Just looking for something to do with Rose. I don't play with her much, especially not anything shippy, and I would love to change that. Any ideas are fine. I have one that I've wanted to try out for ages, but it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Open for anything.
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Your Muse: The Eleventh Doctor
Muse wanted: Clara Oswald, Rose Tyler
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet, personal journals
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: AU, based in canon, cause that's how we roll.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: this post, pm, the journal

Looking for Clara or Rose, both for shippy reasons. Ideas are fairly open, though I do have a few ideas. I am looking for someone semi-consistent for long term play and possible verses.
Possible ideas for Rose- a reunion, of course! I'm open to trying different reunions for them and seeing which works best. Rose being changed by Bad Wolf, universe barriers not so difficult to breech because the time lords still exist, etc.
Possible ideas for Clara- pretty open on this one, but a verse where he was able to keep this face after Trenzalore is something I really have in mind. Their relationship grows, and perhaps they still have some of the adventures from series 8?

Other ideas also more than welcome!
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Your Muse: Clara Oswald
Muse wanted: Doctors 10-12, Danny Pink (for angst and sad feels!)
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet, [community profile] allmymemes, [community profile] sixwordstories
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV
Contact via: Contact Post

I really enjoy writing Clara and am presently exploring two different variations of the character. This one is post-Last Christmas. I also have [personal profile] 101placestosee which is Clara post-Death in Heaven. Her demeanor is much different compared to that at the ending of Last Christmas.

Basically, one is the sharp and excitable Clara and the other is a much darker, toned day, and gray Clara Oswald who has lost everyone and everything she held near and dear to her.

Right now, I'm poking around the meme comms, so if you see me there, feel free to drop by! :)
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Your Muse: The Eleventh Doctor (very AU)
Muse wanted: Rose Tyler
Community: None- just in this journal
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Think I mentioned it's very AU, yeah?
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) Tv Show
Contact via: This post, pm.

So basically, this Eleven is a bit weird. Instead of Ten regenerating into the canonical, bowtie-wearing Eleven, he regenerated into Donna's double, making the Time Lord a Time Lady. It's been kind of a difficult transition for her. You can read more about it in her profile and journal.

Anyway, what I'm looking for is a bit of a one-off thread with a Rose. This Doctor goes AU before The End Of Time, so she didn't go see Rose one last time before her regeneration into what she is now. I would effectively like to do a version of that scene, within the context of this AU, except here she lets Rose see her face, and tells her that one day she will meet a woman who looks like her, and she needs to know something important about her. I'm really interested in playing out this scene, instead of just writing it out. After that, if you'd like, we could possibly see if we could come up with other ideas for interaction.

Thanks in advance for reading. XD
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Your Muse: Koschei--the Master as a teenager
Muse wanted: Theta Sigma or any version of the Doctor. Basically Doctor Who muses
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories [community profile] genessia
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: television, books, etc
Contact via: here or pm, please

Hi. I've just recently introduced Koschei to [community profile] genessia and it'd be great to have some canon mates for him to play with! It would be especially cool to have his best friend Theta Sigma show up...or his best enemy the Doctor, though Koschei at this point is still an innocent. :D Any and all Doctor Who characters are welcome, though.
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Your Muse: Clara Oswald
Muse wanted: The Doctor (any flavour), Danny Pink, other Who or Torchwood characters
Community: PSLs/memes
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Canon but there's always room to AU in Who.
Medium: Television series
Contact via: Here or PM!

So I have one Clara Oswald here I'd love to get involved in a couple of PSLs for shippy goodness, either with the Eleventh or Twelfth Doctors or pretty much anyone, really! Can be AU, canon, or just in memes. I love prose, tl;dr and present tense, otherwise I'm open to suggestions plot-wise or even smut. I'm over 18 so no problems there. Would love a plot or two to go along with it, though, and I'm a big fan of UST and awkward situations forcing characters together.
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Your Muse: Rose Tyler
Muse wanted: The Doctor
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet and personal journals
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Here or PM

After marathoning DW all day (thanks BBC America!) I've got a mad itch to play Rose again. I'd love to play against any of the Nu-Who Doctor's. Nine and Ten are classics but something AU with Eleven and Twelve would be epic too! Heck, I'd even be for doing a take on Rose and Ten-Two in Pete's World! I don't really have any solid ideas in mind because I'm hoping we can work on something together.
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Your Muse: (11th) Doctor
Muse wanted: My kingdom for a Clara. The Heavens for the Ponds. All of time and space for a Rose. Maybe even others!
Community: Bakerstreet memes, PSLs, GSPLs, etc.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Canon/AU, it's all gravy.
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: Here or PM.

Basically -- adventures.
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Your Muse: The Master
Muse wanted: All the Tens
Community: SWS, Wayswithwords, various other sandboxes
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: Slightly AU
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Here

I play a Master that survived EoT and is trying to fight the drums' influence--if only to spite Rassilon. Any Ten who wants a semi-reformed Master as a companion is free to join him, as long as they don't mind the occasional argument over whether bad guys are edible or what it takes for someone to deserve being used as target practice.
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Your Muse: Merlin [personal profile] ayoungboy, Stiles Stilinski [personal profile] totallynotrobin, Sexy [personal profile] sexy_bluebox, Baby [personal profile] 1967_chevy
Muse wanted: Arthur Pendragon, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Damon Salvatore, Jim Kirk, The Doctor, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Community: Journals, SWS, or Bakerstreet. Wherever, really.
Fandom: Merlin, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, The Vampire Diaries
Canon or AU: All my chars are canon but if you want an AU I'm game!
Medium: TV/Movie
Contact via: trickster8899 on AIM, trickster8888@gmail.com, PM any of my journals, trickster88 on Plurk, [personal profile] musetastic my CDJ, or comment on this post.

I don't have a steady Arthur anymore ): It feels like the fandom is dying and I really need some Merthur.

I also don't have a steady Derek. I play here and there but it doesn't feel like I can ever find a consistent plot line. S3 is incredible and provides so many opportunities for awesomeness.

I have a few Peter's here and there but I love Peter/Stiles and more is always good ;)

I have a really bad, bad crackship with Damon/Stiles. I've also been looking for a Damon to play Baby against, due to the whole 'sharing a face' thing.

Another crackship! Emphasis on the ship. Sexy/Kirk is kind of crazy, but it's better than you might think!

I also don't have a steady Doctor. Any Doctor works fine! Even old series. But Sexy needs her Timelord.

Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. Talking car. I need more of you two boys~

Please? I will sell my soul. Or my firstborn. Whatever you want!
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Your Muse: Rose Tyler
Muse wanted: Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Tosh, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jackie Tyler, Martha Jones, Zoe, The Master, Mickey Smith, Donna Noble, 9th Doctor, Meta-Crisis Doctor
Community: [community profile] poly_chromatic
Fandom Doctor Who
Canon or AU Canon
Medium: T.V Show/Audios
Contact via: Please reply to this post or PM.

We're looking for anyone from the Doctor Who or Torchwood universe basically.
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Your Muse: Sam Winchester
Muse wanted: Castiel, crossover muses (see below)
Community: bakerstreet, sixwordstories,  PSLs
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: TV
Contact via: PM me or comment here.

I have been yearning to play out some Sam/Cas, whether as romantic or as friends. Since it's such a rare ship, I'm hesistant to tag muses out of the blue, so I would love to know if there are any Cas muses out there that are interested.

I also have a weird thing where I want to ship Sam with, like, all the crossover muses. Specifically, from Doctor Who, Martha, Amy and Clara. I'd also love to play with a River from Firefly, since they're both psychics and have both been tortured.

If anyone is interested, let me know!


Aug. 18th, 2013 01:29 pm
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YOUR MUSE // river song
MUSE WANTED // anyone from the series but i would love for crossovers from other fandoms!
COMMUNITY // journal threads are preferred but won't turn anything down.
FANDOM // doctor who.
CANON OR AU // both!
MEDIUM // television.
CONTACT // comment here or in the journal.

I have an itch that needs to be scratched. I know there are some that don't like River but I find her amazing. I would love to write her into anything and against anyone.
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Your Muse: Rory Williams
Muse wanted: Amy Pond, Eleven
Community: Personal, communities
Fandom: Doctor Who
Canon or AU: I am pro-canon and AU
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Here or PM me

I'd like an Amy and/or Eleven to ship with. Or OT3 them. I'm new to DW rp. So we'll see?

I might be interested in other fandom crossovering, too. We can talk!