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Your Muse: Walter Bishop
Muse wanted: Peter, Olivia, Astrid, and any other Fringe players as well!
Community: [community profile] boomtown
Fandom: Fringe
Canon or AU: Canon or AU, it's all canon to Fringe
Medium: it's on the telly
Contact via: here, or PM!

I'm looking for some more Fringe players for a shindig over at my current place of gaming. We also have a really fantastic September over there! Walter's from the end of fourth season, right before "They are coming", because even now, thinking of fifth season makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide from the sads. ANYWAY.

I'm also up for being asked/cajoled/dragged/kidnapped-at-gunpoint to a game or musebox if there are canonmates to be had! I have a Walternate account as well, but I've not used it yet. He needs Fringe people to bounce off of. If anyone's interested, he's around as well.
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Your Muse: Alt!Livia Dunham clone made at Season 3 before the timelime reset.
Muse wanted: Peter, either Lincoln, the other Olivia
Community: [community profile] siteb
Fandom: Fringe
Canon or AU: Slight AU.
Medium: Show.
Contact via: Comment or PM!


Jun. 11th, 2013 01:50 am
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Your Muse: Olivia Dunham, or Alternate Universe Olivia. I would love to play either.
Muse wanted: Peter Bishop, Lincoln, or any other Fringe characters. I'm personally a Polivia shipper, but I can try out others and/or just do some fun scenes to perhaps get a few Fringe players together.
Community: I am not currently in a community. I am open to PSLs or joining a community, or even becoming part of a new one starting up. I sadly do not have the time to run a community on my own at the moment.
Fandom: Fringe.
Canon or AU: I'd be open for both.
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: Comment, please? Or message me?

I have not roleplayed in years, however, I've had the itch. I've especially had the itch after becoming addicted to Fringe and binge watching. I have no current samples, but I can come up with one and post it in this journal when I'm a little more awake. I really just miss roleplaying, and even though I do like romantic (or attempted romance on one side) PSLs quite often, I also enjoy many other concepts. I'm open to both canon or AU, and any timeline really. I am EST and work fourty hours a week, so someone who doesn't expect me to be online all day every day and understands scheduling conflicts would be wonderful.
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Your Muse: September/Donald
Muse wanted: Walter, Olivia, Peter, Michael (!!!), and did I mention Walter? ;3
Community: Any! PSLs preferred, though.
Fandom: Fringe
Canon or AU: Seeing as we'd have to tweak things for this guy to still be alive, if we're playing post-canon... AUs are fine by me. :)
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: Here, or PMs, easy enough.

We can do anything we want now that Fringe is over. We can rule the world!
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Your Muse: Charisa Sosa
Muse wanted: Any and all A-Team muses (1980’s or 2010 versions), any muses who fit into military, crime or drama fandoms. Hell anybody actually.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet,[community profile] sixwordstories,[community profile] smuttysws, personal journals.
Fandom: The A-Team
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: Television Show
Contact via: Here or PM
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