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Your Muse: Noah Bennet

Muse wanted: Heroes muses, Heroes Reborn muses, and Heroes OCs

Community: [community profile] heroes_reborn_au All new RP community.

Canon or AU: AU obviously

Medium: TV show

Contact via: PM, or replying to this post would do just fine. :)

A buddy of mine brought over Peter Petrelli for the main cast. There are many spots open for AU canon characters! Wouldn't mind some interesting and well-thought OC characters along with them in this 'verse. Check out the comm's profile for more information.
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Your Muse: Elle Bishop
Muse wanted: Mohinder Suresh
Community: A PSL preferably, but we can also play on any of the meme communities :)
Fandom: NBC's Heroes
Canon or AU: She'll have to be AU of some sort since she's dead in canon. I figure Mohinder can bring her back somehow. Stranger things have happened!
Medium: TV show
Contact via: PM to this journal or replying here is fine!

Mohinder/Elle (Mohelle) is my OTP and I would very much love to RP anything and everything with them. I want to explore their life together after Mohinder brings her back to life or discovers that she's still alive somehow. I'm up for any type of storylines for them from humor to angst and everything in between. Mun and muse are both over 21, and I write at least one paragraph per reply, if not more.

Thanks for reading! :)

(I also RP as Mohinder and would love an Elle for him, but I hardly get to play Elle, which is why this post is for her. But yes, an Elle for my Mohinder would be amazing as well! :D )

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Your Muse: Noah Bennet
Muse wanted: Anyone from Heroes to start with
Community: Meme threading or I'm open to other places
Fandom: Heroes
Canon or AU: Both!
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here or PM please!

I'm getting ready to do a major rewatch for canon review. Let's talk, I'm open to whatever!
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Your Muse: Luke Campbell (Heroes)
Muse wanted: Super powered teenagers (XMen, Marvel, DC), people that can heal, masochists I suppose.  Canon mates would be fine too, or OCs.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet
Fandom: Heroes
Canon or AU: Post Luke's appearance on Heroes, after Sylar leaves him at the diner.  I'd like to continue his story.  I could also AU him to fit another canon.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Comments on this post, or PM

Notes: I play Luke as a serial killer wannabe/in training.  He's always liked picking fights, probably likes getting beaten up a little too much, lies endlessly, and pretends to be someone he's not.  He also has a bad habit of picking up other bad habits a little too easily.  He might want to, think about, or has tortured small animals.  He's also a budding sexual sadist (as in he gets pleasure from hurting things but probably hates himself for it).

I'd like him to have some less than good friends, or perhaps corrupt some too-good friends, find a mentor, a serial killing partner, someone that can heal (that might try to save him but letting him or herself become his victim), etc.

Luke emits microwaves.  In true Heroes fashion, powers grow and expand as their wielders use them.  Eventually, I'd like to explore Luke's ability with microwaves, such as controlling or tapping into satellites and cameras....not just cooking people.
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Your Muse: Linda Tavara
Muse wanted: Any of the Heroes cast still floating around but specifically any Petrellis
Community[community profile] wayswithwords , [community profile] sixwordstories , [community profile] smuttysws , plus others and personal journals
Fandom:  Heroes
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: TV show and comic
Contact via: This post or PM

So I recently started watching old eps of Heroes again and it got me thinking about Linda Tavara. I remember reading a theory about how she could have been related to the Petrellis. Specifically, that she was Arthur's younger illegitimate half-sister. They did have similar abilities but other than that and the Petrelli men having a tendency to be hounds, the theory didn't really hold much water. After all, Linda was for the most part a flashback.

But it was enough for me to want to explore it. The first trick was not having her die in 1972. Luckily, Arthur Petrelli gained the ability to manipulate time and space. He also had a habit of rounding up super villains. I'm saying that Arthur went back to 1972 and kidnaps Linda. Unfortunately, for both of them, she breaks free just as they are teleporting to 2006. Arthur goes back to his time while Linda travels a little further landing in 2013. It makes the most sense that Angela would know about Arthur's illegitimate sister. Though maybe Nathan, Peter, or even Claire could have found something (research, a picture, the newpaper clippings from her disappearance) among Arthur's things.

Beyond all that, anyone that plays with Linda should know that she's something of a sociopath. She can and has killed without provocation. I wouldn't say that she's a total lost cause but she does have her own agenda. Not to mention a very strong sense of self preservation.
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Your Muse: Mohinder Suresh here and post-canon AU vampire version - [personal profile] vampire_mohinder 
Muse wanted: Obviously Heroes characters, but other than that, it'd be nice to find some interesting friends/girlfriends for either/both of the Mohinders. AUs, OCs, and cross-canon characters would all be welcome.
Community: I'm not really looking for a formal game, but other than that, anywhere is fine (Bakerstreet, SWS, etc.), even private storylines.
Fandom: Heroes and any really, even original and AU is fine.
Canon or AU: I usually play this Mohinder as post-canon, and the vampire version is post-canon AU (backstory is on his journal profile).
Medium: Any
Contact via: PM or here, please.

I mostly like to play in private storylines/verses and occasionally memes and would be open to not only other Heroes but also OCs, AUs, and cross-canon interactions as well. I'm up for pretty much any type of plot and prefer writing in prose, usually multi-paragraph.

From his canon, I ship him with Elle, Niki, Maya, and might be willing to try with a Claire if she were aged up out of college (Oh man, Noah would have a heart attack). I am also interested in trying out cross-canon/AU/OC ships as well, particularly with female characters that will keep canon Mohinder on his toes and bring him out of his shell. As for vampire Mohinder, he's more forward, so he would probably have chemistry with almost any type of female character. Also, the vampire version is a bit on the gray side, so I could see him possibly getting corrupted by a female villain if the storyline called for it.

Anyway, that's all I can think of at the moment and there's more info on their journals if interested. Thank you for reading. :)

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Your Muse: Loki
Muse wanted: Marvel (especially Thor, Magneto, or Xavier) or Heroes. Open to other canons as well!
Community: SWS, Memes, or personal journals. I am open to being enabled.
Fandom: Marvel, etc.
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Movie.
Contact via: Comment here or PM.

A canonmate to play with would be great, but I'm also really interested in cross-canon interaction. I'm open to pretty much anything, but if it gets sexual, I generally prefer slash.
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Your Muse: Claire Bennet
Muse wanted: Any other Heroes characters!
Community[community profile] outer_divide 
Fandom: Heroes
Canon or AU: Canon or AU, the game accepts both.
Medium: TV show
Contact via: Here or PM!

[community profile] outer_divide is a newer, small panfandom game in a sci-fi setting that accepts AU versions of characters and prior game history.

I would love to see any of the Heroes cast come along. There is a Sylar reserved but other than him and Claire, everyone's open. I'd especially want a Peter or Noah. Feel free to comment me here or PM me if you're interested or have questions!

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Your Muse: Claire Bennet
Muse wanted: Any other Heroes characters! But I mostly want a Peter.
Community[community profile] outer_divide 
Fandom: Heroes
Canon or AU: Canon or AU, the game accepts both.
Medium: TV show
Contact via: Here or PM!

[community profile] outer_divide is a brand new panfandom game in a sci-fi setting that accepts AU versions of characters and prior game history. It opens on March 1st.

I would love to see any of the Heroes cast come along. I especially want a Peter, as I've always adored their relationship in the show and would love to develop that more in a setting such as this one. (Disclaimer: I am not a Paire shipper.) However, any Heroes characters are completely and totally welcome to me, even if Claire doesn't know them or even know they exist.
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