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Your Muse: Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Muse wanted: Abby Sciuto, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Caitlin Todd, etc. Anyone from the show would be great.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet or personal journals for PSLs.
Fandom: NCIS.
Canon or AU: Canon.
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: PM or reply to this post.
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Your Muse: Charisa Sosa
Muse wanted: Any and all A-Team muses (1980’s or 2010 versions), any muses who fit into military, crime or drama fandoms. Hell anybody actually.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet,[community profile] sixwordstories,[community profile] smuttysws, personal journals.
Fandom: The A-Team
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: Television Show
Contact via: Here or PM
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Your Muse: Abby Sciuto
Muse wanted: Timothy McGee, Ziva, Tony, etc
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet, [community profile] dear_mun, [community profile] sixwordstories.
Fandom: NCIS
Canon or AU: Canon.
Medium: TV-show
Contact via: PM or reply to this post please!
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Your Muse: Caitlin "Kate" Todd
Muse wanted: Tony (oh god, my kingdom for a Tony), Gibbs, McGee, Abby, Ducky, Jimmy, etc.
Community: sws/smuttysws/bakerstreet/personal journals for PSL/etc (I also have a mirror over on LJ @ growwhatineed for play at sws/smuttysws/memebells/personal journals over there if anyone's interested.)
Fandom: NCIS
Canon: I can play at any point in Seasons 1 or 2, beyond that she's AU (obviously, since she's dead -- more on that below)
Book, Movie, Game, Other: TV
PB: Canon PBs, please
Contact via: Here or PM is fine

So, Kate was kind of my favorite and no, I still haven't forgiven them for killing her. I'm basically looking for canonmates to play her off of. I'd especially love a Tony for her to snark with, but I'd love CR with Gibbs, Abby, McGee, Ducky, etc. too. I also finally saw "Life Before His Eyes" from last season (first ep I've watched since "Kill Ari") so if I could find a Tony who'd be up for exploring how he and Kate got to the AU in that episode (if she'd lived) that would make me a happy camper, as well. I'm up for discussing any kind of ideas there if anyone's interested.

I also wouldn't mind playing the whole AU cliche deal of her death having been faked and her going into WitSec for a few years, or whatever, either, and am willing to discuss ideas there also if anyone wants.
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  Your Muse:Tony Dinozzo
Muse Wanted: Gibbs, McGee preferred, both hopefully ;) Abby to maybe give his Hetero side a try.
community DW: bakerstreet. sixwordstories, journals or personal comm. LJ: sws. ssws. memebells. 
Fandom: NCIS
Canon: yes except if he is in a slash relationship...clearly :)
PB: Canon PBs preferable for canon characters
Contact Via: Comment or PM is fine.

Looking for some one to take tony under their wing whether is a normal relationship or a dub/con. tony is game for anything. Either starting out or established relationships are cool with me. Read some great fiction about Gibbs loving and taking care of his boys, Tony and Tim, would like to see if this could be explored. Open to pretty much anything. If you have any ideas of your own, I'm more than happy to enable!
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