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Your Muse: Leonard McCoy

Muse wanted: Jim Kirk

Community: ...None? I think

Fandom: Star Trek (Both Nu!verse and TOS)

Canon or AU: I typically stick to canon, but I'm always down for an AU. Don't be afraid to throw any ideas my way if you have 'em.

Medium: Movies and Tv

Contact via: Just shoot me a message/comment over here or send an email my way at maloimpalo@yahoo.com

I generally write and chat with my partners over on Skype and AIM, but I could always try writing on Dreamwidth (that is, if someone has enough patience to deal with me not knowing what the hell i'm doing). Usually I'll cater to the writing style of my partner, but you can always expect a good chunk of paragraphs from me per reply. I would prefer someone 18+, simply because of adult themes and any eventual smut. If you're not into shipping and all that jazz, don't fret; I'd be more than happy to write out some hardcore friendship between these two.

I look forward to anyone interested!
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Your Muse: Radu 386
Muse wanted: Any and all canonmates, and anyone from a canon involving space travel--especially Star Trek, as that's what I'm most familiar with. (And let's be real, Space Cases was just the Muppet Babies version of Voyager anyway.)
Community: Memes and journals.
Fandom: Space Cases, Star Trek, other sci-fi canons as mentioned above.
Canon or AU: I'm completely game for either! I love the idea of doing a grown-up post-Christa RP, or a pre-Christa Starcademy thing, or any kind of AU, but canon is fantastic as well.
Medium: Long-cancelled TV show.
Contact via: This post or PM.

Really, I'm just looking for anyone who loved this show as a kid like I did, and might like to explore all the awesome potential it had in a way that a children's show couldn't really go into in depth. The setting was great, the characters were really well-drawn, and I love the idea of playing around with all the politics and history of it and coming up with more adventures.

And of course, there's really unlimited crossover potential with other sci-fi canons. There's a way to make just about anything work. If the Christa could land on your character's planet, or your character could wind up on board it somehow, we're golden.

Anybody want to hop aboard the Nickelodeon nostalgia ship with me?
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Your Muse: Data
Muse wanted: Geordi La Forge, Lore, Trek characters TNG or otherwise, Trek OCs, other OCs or fandom characters that might fit
Community: memes, PSLs, dear_mun
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
Canon or AU: Probably AU, but either/or, really. (TNG Reboot-style, anyone?)
Medium: TV series, movies, books
Contact via: here or PM

I've got a massive craving for some Geordi and Data b/romance lines. Help, plz. Geordi and Data didn't get near enough screen time in TNG (... well, Geordi didn't, anyway ...), and there's so much room for awesome continued character development for both of them. Remember the TNG series finale, in which Data became a crazy cat lady/the Lucasian Prof. of Mathematics at Cambridge and Geordi shacked up with Leah Brahms? Tons of story fodder, there. Not to mention the movie timeline, where Data uploaded his memory engrams into B-4 ...

I could also go for a dysfunctional, forced cooperation plot-line involving Lore and Data. I'd love to get into the differences in their philosophical stances regarding machine-AI and organic relations,... and just to play around with their differences, in general. Lore's surplus of personality vs. Data's personality deficit? Fun times.
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Your Muse: Mireille Adler
Muse wanted: Data and/or Reginald Barclay
Community: [community profile] ten_fwd
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
Canon or AU: either!
Medium: TV show (and later movies I guess)
Contact via: this post, or PM!

So this lady here is a mechanical woman, built to be the companion of a demigod... and now he's dead, and she's been pulled aboard the TNG Enterprise and could use some company to help her adjust to her new life. I would lovelovelove for her to have Data or Barclay (or both!) for holodeck shenanigans/learning to be human/overcoming social awkwardness purposes. I'm fine with just about any kind of RP. Let's be people playing androids playing people.

:D ?
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Your Muse: Captain Warren Matthews [Original Character]
Muse wanted: Members of his crew (senior crew and bridge members), Admirals, OCs from the same era, Characters from the shows or books
Community: Ways With Words, Sixwordstories, SSWS, journals and museboxes!
Fandom: Star Trek [post Deep Space Nine and Voyager] pre Star Trek Online
Canon or AU: All primary canon (tv shows and movies) is accurate, AU to extended universe
Medium: Movies, TV Shows, tie-in materials, Books, Video Games
Contact via: Post here, PM, or PM to get email or AIM handle

Captain Matthews is from the year 2388, which is after the events of all Star Trek series and movies, including Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. All movies and shows are canon, with Matthews' life during those years being in other locations beyond the point of focus for said shows. His life diverges some with much of the Star Trek expanded universe.
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

Here are some examples of the tags we will be using here:

[anime/manga]: cowboy bebop

[book]: a song of ice and fire

[comics]: batman

[game]: kingdom hearts

[movie]: mean girls

[play]: infamous

[tv show]: star trek

[web series]: the guild