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Your Muse: Haley Moore
Muse wanted: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore
Community: sixwordstories, bakerstreet
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: television series
Contact via: Here, please.

Haley is the sister of Jessica Moore, the girlfriend of Sam Winchester. She had a close relationship with her sister until she was cruelly taken away (as seen in the programme) Grieving for Jess and wishing to avenge her death Haley joins Sam on his 'mission' to take down the Demon who murdered her sister.
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Your Muse: The Landru Triplets [OCs]
Muse wanted: Any and all
Community: N/A, just this journal
Fandom: X-Men/Marvel
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Any
Contact via: Comment here or on my journal

The Landru Triplets are also known as The Stepford Harpies. They are bird-human hybrids and have a hive mind. I'm just looking for anyone from anywhere to RP with with these three babies to be honest.
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Your Muse: Amy Pond
Muse wanted: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Community: she's in game at [community profile] ten_fwd but open to other comms.
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Open to either, though canon in game.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: contact post inside this journal or comment here or pm
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Your Muse: Dean Winchester
Muse wanted: Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Jo Harvelle, Cassie Roberts, John Winchester, Mary Winchester ... and pretty much anyone else would be loved. (cross overs are cool as well, I've always wanted to play Dean against an older Dawn Summers)
Community: [community profile] genessia
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: I'm not sure, but I think you're allowed to do either one.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: contact post inside this journal or comment here

eeeeeeeeeeeee... I mean, hi. So I've taken Dean from Season 7, post episode one because I fail at keeping up with the newer seasons but generally I don't care what canon point you bring your characters in from. imo it'll just be interesting for them to be like and this happened and Dean all wtf is going on!

If you're interested in the game, there's no app required. I'm shy and nervous when it comes to games sometimes, so be shy and nervous with me if you are!
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Your Muse: Dean Winchester
Muse wanted: Bobby Singer, Castiel, Sam, Lucifer, Gabriel, I'd love a Michael, pretty much anyone.
Community: Bakerstreet, The Love Hotel, Private Muse boxes/journals.
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: I can do both.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: ooc post inside this journal or PM
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Your Muse: Sam Winchester
Muse wanted: Dean Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Bobby Singer, Castiel, anyone but Amelia and Ruby unless it's blonde rubes.
Community: Whatever you potentially wish, but I'd prefer not to apply to any games, at least not at this time.
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: I can do both.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: ooc post inside this journal (comments are screened), if you feel it you can also pm me too or feel free to comment here.

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Okay! I'm rambling. No more, my apologies. Please take pity on this poor soul, but only if you're tempted and actually want to.
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Your Muse: Azazel
Muses wanted: I'm looking for a bit of everything - not just smutty shippy PSL things. I'd really like to find some canon-mates to interact with, across the board.

As for smutty things, anyone who fits the profile (see kink list and profile stuff). If you don't know, (I guess there are people who don't watch Supernatural?), Azazel is a demon charged with freeing Lucifer from Hell, and has a related side experiment which involves corrupting children with demon blood and, well, he's basically a sadistic pervert. But he's funny and awesome and I'm discovering that I'm not the only one around here who likes him, so for some reason, he's become my main character.

Who knew?

I'd really like to find a Sam player interested in exploring varieties of corrupted Moose AUs. Variations of Mary Campbell would also be awesome (not for Mary) Also just, anyone really, to post with and have fun with.
Community: memes, PSLs, (and I'm possibly joining Entranceway)
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: In most cases I have to use the Season 2 canon, but wherever possible, I'm exploring an AU based off the end of Season 10 (spoilers and explanation on his journal
Medium: TV show
Contact via: [personal profile] blazko [personal profile] howdysam [plurk.com profile] blazko
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Your Muse: Joanna Beth Harvelle
Muse wanted: Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer & Ellen Harvelle
Community: sws, meme communities, eventually character journals.
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc)
Contact via:

I am currently roleplaying with huntsdemons where Jo didn't die and got pregnant by Dean (if there are any other Deans who would like to roleplay with my Jo let me know.)Jo had a baby boy who was born premature who they called Jamie so it would be great if we could find a Ellen, Sam & Bobby to verse with us.
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Your Muse: Sam Winchester
Muse wanted: MCU people!
Community: bakerstreet, PSLs
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Open to both
Medium: Movie/TV (AoS people are more than welcome, though I'm quite behind in the show for the moment)
Contact via: AIM: willneversayyes, Plurk: Sabrielislove, PM

I would love to explore what would happen if the world of Supernatural and the MCU were both real in the same universe. How the supernatural existing would effect superheroes and villains, and how superheroes and villains existing would effect hunters. I don't have anything set in stone in regards to what I'm looking for, so the possibilities are endless!
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Your Muse: Sam Winchester
Muse wanted: Supernatural angels, Teen Wolf muses, Vampire Diaries muses
Community: Memes on Bakerstreet and the like
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Canon (though open to AU if specific memes call for it)
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) TV show
Contact via: plurk @ Sabrielislove, AIM @ BchemicalpanicG, feel free to PM

I absolutely love cross-canon, and I don't get nearly enough of it! I also really, really love my SPN angels, but they're so few and far between. You would totally make my day with anyone from TW or VD, but I'd sell my soul for a Stiles, Derek, Damon, or Alaric. All relationships can be either gen or shipping, completely up to the mun bringing the character in.
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Your Muse: Dean Winchester (pre-series, teen)
Muse wanted: Teenage!Sam, Castiel, John, Bobby — pretty much anyone really for younger shenanigans or AUs. I prefer m/m for smut and I'm open to both Wincest and Destiel.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet
Fandom: Supernatural
Contact via: PM me.

My favorite AU types are daemons, Hunger Games, canon "what-if" scenarios, A/B/O and coffee shops. For smut I really like slow-burn situations and build up. Angst = ♥. I'm up for playing on memes or doing psls via journals.
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Your Muse: Letha Godfrey
Muse wanted: Peter Rumancek and Roman Godfrey, especially but also any other canonmates or even OCs! But also Alison Argent, Lydia Martin, Jo Harvelle, and other badass or supernatural-affiliated girls, and maybe some boys.
Community: sixwordstories, bakerstreet, wayswithwords, PSLs (if anyone has any game suggestions, I'm always interested)
Fandom: Hemlock Grove
Canon or AU: Canon and AU
Medium: Novel/Television
Contact via: vodka_virgin on AIM, vodkavirgin on Plurk, or PM!

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Your Muse: James Frampton
Muse wanted: Portia
Community: Journals or Musebox, SWS, Open to suggestions
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Either, pre-8.15 or post episode
Medium: Television Series
Contact via: Comment here, PM, or comment in journal.

I would love to play James and Portia in the SPN universe. Witchy good fun while they're starting over in a new location or pre-smear campaign that was Man's Best Friend With Benefits. Other SPN muses too!
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Your Muse: Peter Rumancek
Muse wanted: Roman Godfrey, Andreas, but honestly almost any HG muse aside from Miranda. ALSO Teen Wolf muses, TVD, True Blood, Supernatural... just generally people with experiences with the supernatural.
Community: I'm negotiable; [community profile] bakerstreet is my most common haunt and PSLs are also totally an option!
Fandom: Hemlock Grove
Canon or AU: AUs are my drug, and I love playing around with the canon setting, so I'm totally open to both.
Medium: Book / TV series
Contact via: Comment here, PM me on this journal, my AIM is godfreyupir, which is hands-down the best way to get ahold of me.

I'm basically just looking for more people to play with! Peter is my main muse, but I also have a Roman, so for canon shenanigans, I'm up for playing either side of the dynamic. For shippy things I mostly play slash, though I am negotiable with a few castmates. I do love to have some action/adventure plotty stuff going on. I'm down for playing smutty things when they happen, but I do like to have other things going on too.

I'm totally down with AUs, whether it's crossovers or totally twisting things around. I love fitting Peter into the Teen Wolf world (it's so easy!). And I've always been interested in the idea of an AU where Roman get bitten during the fight at the end and turns and seeing where that goes.

I've seen season two, but overall wasn't impressed aside from a few sort of nifty ideas, but I'm down for talking out things and seeing if we can make something based on it workable for RP purposes. (I'd put a few ideas I have, but spoilers~)

tl;dr Peter needs more friends. <3
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Your Muse: Stiles Stilinski, and on behalf of a Lydia player, a Scott player, an Isaac player, a Sheriff Stilinski player and a Derek player.
Muse wanted: Werewolves from other canons or OC's, hunters, college aged characters for classmates, friends, roommates, etc, professors, towns people, villains, etc. Basically the gamut! Also any and all Teen Wolf muses though for Teen Wolf, we're going for canon-based rather than AU takes on characters.
Community: Here.
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon or AU: Both, kind of?
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here's fine!

Set post Teen Wolf 3B and a year and a half in the future, the gang has all graduated and now face decisions about things like college while still trying to deal with everything the supernatural world throws at them.

The mythology of werewolves will be based on Teen Wolf's, since it's set in the world of Teen Wolf, but werewolves from other canons are welcome to apply. We're also totally open to OC's of the human and werewolf variety. Hunters and other supernaturals are okay, too -- from other canons or OC's -- though we're not really interested in vampires at this point.

Things to think about -- the entire gang is out of high school now, and the premise will be dealing heavily with college related things. So characters who are college professors, college students, townspeople, etc, are all encouraged! We want everyone to develop their characters and storylines while interacting with everyone else.

Feel free to ask questions if you're at all interested.
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Your Muse: Dean(na) Winchester
Muse wanted: Sam(antha) Winchester ( ... also Frankie Ducane from The Big Bad, Faith Lehane from BtVS, other badass women for Dean to carpe brewski with)
Community: Bakerstreet, SWS, PSL, etc.
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Rule 63 AU.
Contact via: This post.

OKAY, so. Imagine this: Winchesters with lady parts. Dean Winchester is a dick, but she isn't swinging one in any sense other than the metaphorical. Sam is still a moose, but she's a cow-moose, not a bull. They are not "chicks"; they are BAD BITCHES who kick serious monster ass. And they have more balls than any man you'll ever meet.

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Your Muse: Merlin [personal profile] ayoungboy, Stiles Stilinski [personal profile] totallynotrobin, Sexy [personal profile] sexy_bluebox, Baby [personal profile] 1967_chevy
Muse wanted: Arthur Pendragon, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Damon Salvatore, Jim Kirk, The Doctor, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Community: Journals, SWS, or Bakerstreet. Wherever, really.
Fandom: Merlin, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, The Vampire Diaries
Canon or AU: All my chars are canon but if you want an AU I'm game!
Medium: TV/Movie
Contact via: trickster8899 on AIM, trickster8888@gmail.com, PM any of my journals, trickster88 on Plurk, [personal profile] musetastic my CDJ, or comment on this post.

I don't have a steady Arthur anymore ): It feels like the fandom is dying and I really need some Merthur.

I also don't have a steady Derek. I play here and there but it doesn't feel like I can ever find a consistent plot line. S3 is incredible and provides so many opportunities for awesomeness.

I have a few Peter's here and there but I love Peter/Stiles and more is always good ;)

I have a really bad, bad crackship with Damon/Stiles. I've also been looking for a Damon to play Baby against, due to the whole 'sharing a face' thing.

Another crackship! Emphasis on the ship. Sexy/Kirk is kind of crazy, but it's better than you might think!

I also don't have a steady Doctor. Any Doctor works fine! Even old series. But Sexy needs her Timelord.

Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. Talking car. I need more of you two boys~

Please? I will sell my soul. Or my firstborn. Whatever you want!
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Your Muse: Meg
Muse wanted: Supernatural cast mates! Team free will, Unoly Trinity, Megstiel, the whole dysfunctional Angel family, every demon ever, random supporting cast... you get it.
Community: For now, [community profile] paradisa & [community profile] bakerstreet also apped recently @ [community profile] haven waiting for next round of processing.
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Canon probably but willing to explore AU.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: Plurk @jaylynnvee

I am pretty much open to everything! I didn't sign up to play a demon to be precious about it. You are almost entirely unlikely to squick me and if you somehow do, I won't even be mad. I'll be impressed. Snark, smut, violence, smutty violence, deep existential crap, the hilarity that is the limited extent of Meg's fluff capabilities. These are a few of my favorite things.

I also have a SPN OC named Jackie with a pretty rad backstory that I made up as a childhood friend of the Winchesters/off & on love interest for Dean. Cross my heart and hope to die, she's badass and not a dumb Mary Sue. Feel free to hit me up for that if you'd like someone to meet her, I have headcanon for her interactions with just about everyone.
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Your Muse: Sam Winchester
Muse wanted: Castiel, crossover muses (see below)
Community: bakerstreet, sixwordstories,  PSLs
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: TV
Contact via: PM me or comment here.

I have been yearning to play out some Sam/Cas, whether as romantic or as friends. Since it's such a rare ship, I'm hesistant to tag muses out of the blue, so I would love to know if there are any Cas muses out there that are interested.

I also have a weird thing where I want to ship Sam with, like, all the crossover muses. Specifically, from Doctor Who, Martha, Amy and Clara. I'd also love to play with a River from Firefly, since they're both psychics and have both been tortured.

If anyone is interested, let me know!
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Your Muse: Colt Winchester - On the behalf of everyone in the game including John Winchester
Muse wanted: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Cordy, Lorne, Spike(More Kindred and Buffy peoples but not limited to)
Community: [community profile] lawyers_and_hunters
Fandom: Supernatural, Angel: the series, Kindred,
Canon or AU: AU, though we're playing with canon themes
Medium: TV shows mostly
Contact via: here, PM or [plurk.com profile] kitakamakazi 

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