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Your Muse: Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu, First Minister of France
Muse wanted: Anyone from the Musketeers (if any are still around.  I'm so late to this party.)
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet , PSLs, etc.
Fandom: The Musketeers (BBC)
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Television
Contact via: PM this journal, or comment below

I've been voicetesting the Cardinal here and there.  But I have some ideas I'd really like to thread out:

1) All that lushness that could happen between the Cardinal, Queen Anne and King Louis when the Cardinal has figured out that there may be question about the legitimacy of the Queen's child and all the blackmailing that can go on between the three, since the King sort of DID ask the Cardinal to kill Anne.

1a) All that lushness that can happen between the Cardinal and the Musketeers for the above reasons.

2) An AU where the Cardinal didn't die - was only presumed dead.  And all of S2 happened as in the show.  The Cardinal returns to the Musketeers gratitude because who knew things could be WORSE than the Cardinal???  (Then of course, Richelieu has to fix everything that Rochefort screwed up.)

3) An AU where the Cardinal and Rochefort have to interact somehow.  (The Cardinal wishes him deposed, of course.)

4) ???  I'm open to ideas

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Your Muse: Milady De Winter/Anne De Breuil, la Comtesse de la fere. (She has many aliases, but unfortunately I cannot recall them all off the top of my head right now)
Muse wanted: Olivier Athos de La Fere, Aramis d'Herblay, Porthos Du Vallon, D'Artagnan, Constance Boncieaux, et all other BBC The Musketeers muses. Will also accept other versions of the Three Musketeers muses. (also other period [17th century] muses would be welcome.) Buckingham, do not try to kill her, that's her husband's shtick.
Community: meme comms at the moment.
Fandom: BBC The Musketeers
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Television show.
Contact via: Messaging, this post

Milady's last canon point is the end of Season 2, episode 10, but I'm happy to play in the past, present, and future with any muses who want to play with her.

Athos writers, I'm willing to discuss their relationship with you before we actually play anything beyond meme threads out and even before we play in memes.

Any other muses, please contact me about any romantic plots outside of memes.

Other versions of Milady are also welcome, just saying (even exact 'twins', shall we say).
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Your Muse: Aramis.
Muse wanted: Musketeers mostly, or anyone from that world. Will also take politicians, members of various secret services, etc.
Community: So far SWS and Baker Street, but PSLs would be rad, too.
Fandom: The Three Musketeers / The D'Artagnan Romances.
Canon or AU: Modern AU.
Medium: This Aramis is book inspired. That being said, I'm very familiar with other mediums of the story, and will take any incarnation you please.
Contact via: Here is lovely, or PM.

Most of the information you need on Aramis' modern AU is in his profile. I'm pretty flexible, though, and open to all ideas.
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Your Muse: Athos
Muse wanted: castmates or characters from other historical canons that would make sense to him in a 17th century context.
Community: memes or PSLs
Fandom: The Musketeers (BBC)
Canon or AU: canon, though I am not against AU'ing him for a specific plot
Medium: TV
Contact via: here or pm.

Voicetesting Athos is difficult, and I would love a few castmates or good crossover characters to practice and build CR with. Anything is fair game at this point so come at me :)
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Your Muse: Aramis, on behalf of Porthos, Athos, and d'Artagnan.
Muse wanted: Constance Bonacieux, Milady de Winter, Cardinal Richelieu, Captain de Treville, Queen Anne of Austria ... And King Louis XIII, I guess. And why not The Duke of Buckingham.
Community: Valar @ InsaneJournal.
Fandom: The Three Musketeers.
Canon or AU: Sort of a mix of both.
Medium: Primarily we all use the BBC series as our main subset. That being said, any version is most welcome (Aramis himself currently books).
Contact via: PM or comment here is lovely.

Valar is a game sort of based on a Once Upon A Time type premise - these people all exist in the modern world, sometimes accurate modern AUs and sometimes quite different from their canon selves. They eventually start having dreams of their canon, which feel more like memories, and eventually have the option of becoming that person in the waking world. We'd love to see more cast mates. :)
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Your Muse: Athos, Aramis
Muse wanted: Any of the musketeers for whichever one you wanted to play off!
Community: PSLS, memes on [community profile] bakerstreet, although I am thinking of slinking an Athos reserve in at [community profile] eachdraidh next round and would of course enjoy castmates
Fandom: BBC The Musketeers
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here, PM me, I can shoot you my AIM / or Plurk if you like

If you're up for PSL/meme-ing please note I will and do ship anything and everything and have no qualms about it. If you would prefer to keep things gen and just have terrible adventures in Athos judging you or Aramis hitting on the wrong person that is fine too. I can do modern AUs or different-choice AUs or whichever!

If you are interested in apping to eachdraidh do let me know so we can work out court things!

Athos comes with a general blanket warning for: excessive drinking, excessive grumpiness and excessive sarcasm.
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