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Your Muse: Paul 'Jesus' Rovia.
Muse wanted: Daryl! Would also love all the others from the show, especially - Rick, Maggie, Enid, Michonne, Rosita, Ezekiel, Negan, Sasha and basically everyone else.
Community: [community profile] bakerstreet or psls.
Fandom: The Walking Dead.
Canon or AU: Canon but open to all kinds of aus.
Medium: TV Show.
Contact via: Can comment here or PM!

I am open to all kinds of possibilities here! I'd love to really explore the dynamics with the characters and develop all sorts of backstory. I'm also open to non-zombie plots or even the world is ending because of another issue - aliens (falling skies) or nuclear/war (the 100) etc. Pre-world ending/modern are amazing too. Basically, just all the things.
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Your Muse: (rule!63) Negan.
Muse wanted: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Paul Rovia, King Ezekiel, Michonne, Simon, Rosita, Sasha and basically everyone else in the show. Originals for wives and husbands. Past characters like Shane, the Governor, Merle and so on. I think they'd be fun!
Community: Bakerstreet / psls. I might be open to a comm.
Fandom: The Walking Dead.
Canon or AU: More in the way of AU given fem!Negan and all.
Medium: TV show / comic book influences.
Contact via: Can contact here, I have a screened post in the journal, pm!

I keep her mostly in line with the canon version of Negan with just a few key differences in that she was in the military right out of school but when she returned she took up a job as a gym coach. I'd just love to plot/plan all sorts of things. I'm a sucker for the 'become one of my husband/wives and things will be easier for your community' plot lines. I also enjoy the 'Negan was around since the beginning' because it makes such an interesting dynamic. Or even the 'I knew Negan before the world went to shit' trope. Basically, I'm game for all things. I fully embrace other rule!63 versions, au versions and canon versions of the characters. I'm also completely open to crosscanon! Finally, originals for her wives and husbands would be incredible because there are so many backstory opportunities to explore. Originals for other Saviors as well.
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Your Muse: Riya Grimes (!63 Rick Grimes)
Muse wanted: Shane Walsh
Community: Journals, bakerstreet, memes, psl
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: AU
Medium: Television
Contact via: PM or Comment here

Would love, love, love a Shane who is open to the idea of a !63 Rick Grimes. I've been playing Rick as a female for the last couple years, and finally decided to bring her over here and give things a shot. I have got ideas galore that I'd love to share. Also, any and all mains for the Walking Dead are welcome as well. Will be slow going for a while, so apologies if I am so on getting back to anyone. Am not fully caught up on the show either, real life has been keeping me from settling down to watch the last season though am fully aware of everything that's taken place.
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Your Muse: Carl Grimes, Rick Grimes, Beth Greene, Daryl Dixon
Muse wanted: Negan
Community: journals, memes, psl
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: either
Medium: television/comic
Contact via: PM or comment here

Really? I would just love to find a Negan to write with. I can play literally any of the characters on the show so if your Negan-muse has a specific kink for anyone, let me know. I can also do crossovers, though it would depend on the character.
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Your Muse: Rick Grimes.
Muse wanted: Team family, especially Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Rosita, Michonne, Abraham, Paul, Morgan, Carl, Tara, Aaron. Would also love Negan, Ezekiel and Beth. Basically, everyone.
Community: Bakerstreet, other memes, psls!
Fandom: The Walking Dead.
Canon or AU: Canon, AU and everything in between.
Medium: TV Show.
Contact via: Can comment here or send me a message. I have a screened post in the journal too.

Thanks to the finale, I have so much muse and I just want to do all the things. I'd love to explore the different seasons, aus and canon divergent things as well. I prefer to write with those who are 18+!
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Your Muse: Rick Grimes, Beth Greene, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark
Muse wanted: For Rick Daryl, Shane, Morgan, Michonne, Carol, Glenn. Rest of the crew. Gen things with Carl and if anyone has a grown Judith. | For Beth Daryl, Carl, Michonne. Gen things with Maggie. The rest of the crew. | For Katniss Peeta, Finnick, Jo, Gale. | For Peeta Katniss, Finnick, Gale.
Community: N/A. PSLs or bakerstreet threads, please!
Fandom: The Walking Dead, Hunger Games.
Canon or AU: A mix of both would be great!
Medium: Book | Show | Film.
Contact via: PM or contact here!
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Your Muse: Beth Greene
Muse wanted: Daryl Dixon and any other castmates
Community: PSLs & memes
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: This post or PM.

I just finished catching up on Season 4 and fell hard for the Beth/Daryl dynamic. I ship it, not even going to lie, but I'm also happy to play the student/mentor angle as well. They had a cute Wolverine/Kitty Pryde kind of thing going on that I enjoyed.

I'm open to other ideas and cast mates, too! Just hit me up. :)
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Your Muse: Maggie Greene
Muse wanted: Canonmates (past and present), crossovers, well-written OCs
Community: bakerstreet, journals and wherever else
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here please

Basically I'm looking to play with canonmates (I don't ship Maggie/Glenn, by the way), muses from over end-of-the-world fandoms and OCs that will fit with her current canon. I love AUs, and I wouldn't mind playing out some plots where she gets separated from her group and ends up elsewhere. Shipping is fine, and I ship her with both males and females.
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Your Muse: Daryl Dixon
Muse wanted: Anyone that can fit into the TWD universe
Community: bakerstreet, sws, journals and whatnot
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here

First off, I'm not looking to ship Daryl. If shipping does happen, it won't be any time soon since Daryl needs buildup for that. What I'm looking for is some lines for him. While canon is fine, I'm a sucker for fun and creative AUs. Besides castmates, I'm also open to characters from other fandoms and ocs.
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Your Muse: Shane Walsh
Muse wanted: Any, including OC's. I would love an Andrea.
Community: sws, ssws, memebells, also dreamwidth because I play there more often.
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon: AU; where Shane instead of going batshit and trying to kill Rick packs up and leaves on his own. I'd like to start a verse where he has his own little group. They can meet up with Rick and them again. For OC's however I'm going to have to be picky. No ex girlfriends/lovers/siblings/whatnot that know Shane. Short version; if your character isn't canon Shane won't know them automatically.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: TV or Comic
PB: canon for canons; ocs can be who you want.
Contact via: here works for me.
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Your Muse: Jessica Matthews [The Walking Dead OC]
Muse wanted: Any and all Walking Dead characters. OC's are welcome as well.
Community: For the moment I play her at [community profile] bakerstreet and [community profile] sixwordstories also in personal journals. But, am always looking to expand her playing field.
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Canon or AU. Honestly, either is fine.
Medium: Television Show, Comic
Contact via: Here or PM

More info can be found on Jessica here: Character info here.
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Your Muse: Daryl Dixon
Muse wanted: Any! We have Daryl, Carol & Shane, possibly a Glenn (reserved). But we'd love to see anyone else.
Community: [community profile] somarium
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV series
Contact via: Here or PM

Check out the community link for more info on the comm itself, which is set in a kind of dream world. We'd love to gather some more castmates (obviously) and any would be great, as said above. Please feel free to ask any question, if need be!
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Your Muse: Elle Beauchamp [Walking Dead original]
Muse wanted: Daryl Dixon
Community: Private storyline
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Canon, though definitely open to deviating from the show's story!
Medium: Show
Contact via: Comments here!

I've been poking around, looking for a Daryl to play against for a while now and someone pointed me in this direction. I just think he's a really interesting, well written character and I'd like to play someone against him who can more than put up with his crap. He's got a lot of depth I'd like to explore and, as Norman Reedus says, he just needs a hug.
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Your Muse: Daryl Dixon
Muse Wanted: Any 'The Walking Dead' guys, but generally anyone who doesn't mind dealing with Daryl.
Community: Happy with memes @ [community profile] bakerstreet and random RP @ [community profile] dear_mun and @ [community profile] sixwordstories. I also just got Daryl into [community profile] paradisa, and would love canon mates there.
Contact via: Here!

This is a generally open post, mostly to test out Daryl's voice. I'm ideally looking for TWD OUs and OCs, Comic and TV-Verse. Personally, I'd love to find a Merle Dixon, too!

If there's any memes you're interested in running with Daryl, feel free to let me know here, too!
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Your Muse: Jessika Jackson (The Walking Dead OC - Yes, I'm one of those! XD)
Muse wanted: Any and all post-apocalypse (preferably zombie apocalypse) characters. The Walking Dead pups would be EXTRA awesome though.
Community: Smuttysws, SWS, personal journals, or anywhere you think they would fit.
Fandom: The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Zombie Land, Resident Evil, ect.
Canon or AU: Canon, AU, OC
Medium: Any, though movies and TV are where zombies are most popular
Contact via: This post or PM

The door for this one is wide open. More often than not if I want to play Jess I have to play her in a pre-apocalyptic verse. I don't mind it necessarily. I mean I like having her respond to stuff going on in the media and exploring who she was before the fever but the only time I can really get in any fun post-apocalpyse stuff is when The Walking Dead is running and the canon folks are out and about. Very fun but I know a lot of people are wary of original characters. Plus, it's a fandom that has a tendency to poof when the show wraps up.

I'm looking for folks with post-apocalyptic characters that actually want to play in a post-apocalyptic world. I'm talking about a multiverse for all the zombie scenerios. We can make it work people. I know we can. AND if there is enough interest and people wanting to play, I've been kicking around the idea of a comm. If I did it, I doubt it would be very big but I just liked the idea of a place where muses don't look at your pup funny when you mention zombies and it's all about the gritty business of survival and not just new puppies and meme links. Not that those aren't fun.
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

Here are some examples of the tags we will be using here:

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