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Your Muse: Tony (You Know Who I Am) Stark
Muse wanted: The indomitable Pepper Potts
Community: PSL / Bakerstreet
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon or AU: Canon, but I'm open to AUs!
Medium: Film / Comics
Contact via: PMs (would be preferable), but comments'll do!

I've a handful of both canon and au ideas to bring to the table, but I'm flexible and interested in brainstorming with my RP partners. Primarily looking for something long-term with someone who doesn't shy away from conflict and/or darker subject matter in their lines.
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Your Muse: Erin Lindsay
Muse wanted: Jay Halstead, other characters from the Chicago verse will be welcomed.
Community: sixwordstories, bakerstreet, however would be nice to be recommended other communities.
Fandom: Chicago PD
Canon or AU: Canon, AU to be discussed.
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) TV series.
Contact via: Reply here please or feel free to personal message if you prefer.

Erin is a canon character from the Dick Wolf Universe, Chicago PD.
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Your Muse: Nora Bryce
Muse wanted: Literally anybody, but I'd do horrible things for a James Toback.
Community: psl, bakerstreet...possibly a game
Fandom: Ascension (Syfy 2014)
Canon or AU: Given the way the series ended, a little bit of both!
Medium: TV series
Contact via: PM or just reply to this post!
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Your Muse: Marcus Flint Muse wanted: Oliver Wood [mainly], Adrian Pucey, any HP characters Community: PSLs, bakerstreet memes, sws, hpsws, wayswithwords Fandom: Harry Potter Canon or AU: Both! Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) Contact via: DW email

DC Request

Sep. 30th, 2017 10:26 am
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Your Muse: Dick Grayson (as Nightwing or during his Batman days) and Hal Jordan
Muse wanted: Fellow DC characters would be loved, but I'm also open to crossovers.
Community: PSLs via journals or GDocs
Fandom: DC
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Comics
Contact via: Feel free to contact me either here or in the contact post in my journal! Comments are screened at both locations.

I would love some writing partners who were interested in long term lines that involve world building and character development. I enjoy a mix of genres and adore all sorts of dynamics. Friends, frenemy, family, teammates, toss it at me!
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Your Muse: Maggie Rhee & Carl Grimes
Muse wanted: Anyone! We only currently have Maggie, Carl and Glenn, with someone considering bringing in Beth, so I'm absolutely dying for castmates!
Community: [community profile] genessia
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV
Contact via: reply here or dw message

Genessia is an appless panfandom game where characters are "kidnapped" to a strange world they are unable to escape from. The player base is awesome, and there are events both mod and player-organized to keep everyone busy. Everyone is really welcoming and there's lots of potential for characters to develop, form relationships and more.
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Your Muse: Harley Quinn
Muse wanted: Anyone from Suicide Squad (movie/ comics)
Community: nexus_crossings
Fandom: Suicide Squad, DC Comics
Canon or AU: open to either
Medium: (Book, Movie, Game, etc) open to anything
Contact via: PM or tag here

Additional information: Just looking for some Suicide Squad members to post with.
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Your Muse: Donald Duck
Muse wanted: Literally any
Community: I'm specifically looking for one!
Fandom: Duckverse comics, Carl Barks/Don Rosa timeline
Canon or AU: Canon (but made human)
Medium: Comics
Contact via: Comment here or PM

I'm looking for a game to join. Actual canonmates would be fun but is in no way necessary. (I assume I'm unlikely to find any, except maybe Ducktales ones.)

Mix of slice-of-life and plot-based is cool. No games focused on horror or sex (some of either is fine, just not the focus). Has to be on Dreamwidth. Medium-paced, not crazy huge, somewhere I'd be welcome and wanted.

(Feel free to check out character journal for more info about him and stuff!)
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Your Muse: Clint Barton or Natasha Romanoff
Muse wanted: Natasha Romanoff or Clint Barton. Also Steve Rogers
Community: PSL, Bakerstreet
Fandom: Marvel Comics (616)
Canon or AU: canon
Medium: comics
Contact via: Reply here or PM


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Your Muse: Dutch Velders
Muse wanted: Vasiliy Fet, Ephraim Goodweather, Quinlan, everyone except for Gus - We have a Gus.
Community: [personal profile] pathemamods
Fandom: The Strain
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Series
Contact via: Comment here or PM me!

Pathema is a fantastic game that goes beyond its 'sex or die' premise. We've got a great cast and the players are all very friendly and willing to plot. It is set on what amounts to an ancient Greek island run by the god Eros. Dutch is a relatively new character and could use some more castmates on the island with her. I pulled her from Season Four. Apps are opening soon!
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Your Muse: Clark Kent / Kal - El / Superman
Muse wanted: Lois Lane, Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, Diana Prince, other DC castmates! Superfam especially loved and welcome. Cross canon faves include Karen Page, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson -- but very open to other Marvel people, ofc! 
Community: bakerstreet, sws, PSLs
Fandom: DC Comics / DCEU
Canon or AU: Either!
Medium: Comics / film. An amalgamation of DCEU / DCAU / Comics. While my Clark uses DCEU as a framework, I draw influences from many of his portrayals and from my own headcanons. 
Contact via: PM's. I have a discord I'm willing to hand out privately! I love using it to plot or even RP.

I'm looking for long-term partners to write PSLs with! Whether the dynamics are platonic, familial, romantic, antagonistic -- all are welcome! It's admittedly pretty easy to ship Clark, and I have a soft spot for Clark/Lois and Clark/Bruce, but am open to establishing almost anything with  the right amount of development and chemistry. This goes for dynamics in cross-canon as well! My favorite genres include drama, horror, crime, mystery, action, romance, and smut honestly. I'm also very adaptable, and am absolutely a sucker for AU's, whether they're canon divergent or completely alternate. The only characters I will not write with are those affiliated with Nazis / HYDRA. 

If you'd want to plot, please comment here or hit me with a PM! 

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Your Muse: Ethan Steiner
Muse wanted: Every single Teen Wolf cast member, esp. Aiden or Danny.
Community: Anywhere you want me really. I'm flexible.
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV-show
Contact via: PM or this post

I just want to have cast members to play off against and make scenarios, stories and stuff. Just about anything to distracted me from the terrible stuff currently on air.
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Your Muse: Kara Danvers/Zor-El
Muse wanted: Anyone from Supergirl/Legends of tomorrow/The Flash/Arrow/DC Universe
Community: sixwordstories, wayswithwords, PSL
Fandom: Supergirl
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: Television Series
Contact via: Here or PM.

Anyone from the DC universe would be great but I'm also open to the Marvel Universe, crossovers or AU's.
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Your Muse: Mordred Deschain
Muse wanted: Any Stephen King creation
Community: SWS, WWW or journals
Fandom: Dark Tower
Canon or AU: Near-canon or family AU
Medium: Book
Contact via: PM or here

I tend to have a Mordred who either gave up the Tower and both his fathers or who never killed Mia in the first place and was thus a true member of the ka-tet. (Or one who died but lived. There are other worlds than these, and Mordred was born inside the cycle anyway. Perhaps he simply popped into existence once it was time for him to be.)

I haven't watched the new movie, there's no way it could do the books justice, but movie characters are better than nothing and there are bedamned few TDT muses around.

Aug. 11th, 2017 02:11 am
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Your Muse: Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin
Muse wanted: Ed Nygma
Community: bakerstreet, psls, open posts
Fandom: Gotham
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: PMing this account, please!

A painfully narrow search (sorry for that) but I'm just dying to get back into the groove of threading steady with an Ed Nygma from Gotham, esp. in light of developments in this latest season. I'm open to both gen and smut, favouring prose over brackets (though I can totally do the latter.) Whether Ed n' Oswald are pals, partners in crime, doing the mayor/chief-of-staff thing, lovers (a what-if scenario), some of the above, or all of the above, basically what I love most is how hilariously petty, emotionally stunted, and jerkish these guys can be even at the best of times. I also like the idea of exploring slightly weirder 'what ifs' from time to time, like body-swapping or seeing how Oswald would handle being a vampire in an otherwise perfectly 'normal' Gotham city. But seriously. Bring on the angst and/or humour!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested - thanks!
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Your Muse: Daenerys Targaryen
Muse wanted: Jon, Jorah, Drogo, Margaery, Robb, anyone part of her "clique," though to be honest, I'd be happy threading with anyone in the show.
Community: bakerstreet, psls - if there's a game looking for a Dany, I'm happy to check it out :>
Fandom: Game of Thrones / ASOIAF
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: the Dany I play is from the TV series (haven't finished the books yet)
Contact via: PM this journal

I'm open to so many different options for threads! If you're looking for a Dany to thread with, please feel free to come to me with any of your ideas. Chances are, I'd be interested in threading it out.

For shippy/smutty threads, developing something is preferred to jumping straight in. I'm a sucker for UST, enemies to friends, and general butting of the heads, though it isn't mandatory. Basically if there's chemistry, I am all for it. Some memes I'm a sucker for include: soulmates, hurt/comfort, picture prompt.

For gen threads, it could be anything. Literally.

What if scenarios are my jam as well. What happened if this person didn't die? Or what happened if this person didn't do X, Y, or Z? Speculating what will happen next following recently aired episodes is also fun.

In terms of AUs, it might be interesting writing a scenario where Dany was still in Westeros, but not in a position of power. Maybe she had a Sansa-like position while growing up? Alternatively, arranged marriages are fun to play out.
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Your muse: Loki (Marvel)
Muses wanted: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Jane Foster, other Marvel characters and OCs
Fandom: Marvel, MCU
Canon or AU: Both, but AUs located within the canon, please. (No high-school, college, etc Aus.)
Medium: Movies and/or comics.
Contact via: Email works best for me. Mine is thatsadnerd@gmail.com.

I'm mostly looking for any sort of Marvel roleplay right now, but my best and most complete ideas are with Tony, Steve, and Jane Foster. Other canon characters and OCs are welcome too, though. I am 20 but willing to write with anyone, and I am located in GMT. I can write upwards of 600-1500 words and am looking for someone who can do the same. This said, I'm very patient when it comes to waiting for posts. I'd rather have a long post once a week or so than a short one daily.

I hope to hear from you. Let's make something marvel-ous! (Sorry, I had to.)
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Your Muse: Haley Moore
Muse wanted: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore
Community: sixwordstories, bakerstreet
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: television series
Contact via: Here, please.

Haley is the sister of Jessica Moore, the girlfriend of Sam Winchester. She had a close relationship with her sister until she was cruelly taken away (as seen in the programme) Grieving for Jess and wishing to avenge her death Haley joins Sam on his 'mission' to take down the Demon who murdered her sister.
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Your Muse: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Muse wanted: Clark Kent/Superman, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Tommy Elliot/Hush, members of the Batfamily, members of the Justice League, members of Batcanon in general. Maybe MCU / Marvel muses too, very crossover friendly!
Community: bakerstreet, sixwordstories, psls, open posts
Fandom: DC Cinematic Universe / DC Comics
Canon or AU: Canon and AU
Medium: Film and Comics, others welcome.
Contact via: PM is best, though here is fine as well.

I'm new to Dreamwidth, but I'm eagerly searching for people to write and write long term ships with. I'm looking for a Clark, Selina, Diana, and Tommy in particular to ship with. I'm also extremely eager to write with any member of DC canon, whether they're heroes, villains, or anything in between. Though I love DCEU, I'm very well versed in the comics, both pre and new 52. I'm not much a fan of Rebirth. I'm basically searching for long-term ship partners in any capacity! My favorite genres include crime, smut, romance, suspense, angst. Practically anything as long as it serves a general plot, and I tend to be quite wordy. I also love making friends out of character, always makes plotting easier!

Marvel and MCU muses welcome as well! Writing/shipping with a Madame Hydra, Black Widow, or Tony Stark would be awesome. I'm also very familiar with the Hannibal fandom. I'm open to working out AU's and such to fit our characters. If you think you can interact with me, please hit me with a message.
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Your Muse: Tara Knowles
Muse wanted: Jax Teller, Opie Winston, any and all SAMCRO members. Also for a PacRim AU both Beckett brothers (My kingdom for a Yancy), Herc, Chuck, Stacker, so on and so forth.
Community: bakerstreet, sixwordstories, psls, open posts
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy/Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Canon and AU
Medium: Television Series and Movie
Contact via: PM is best, though here is fine as well.

It's been a few years since I've been on this account and I'm looking to get back into the swing of things, connect with some old friends I used to write with. Have idea a plenty for SOA AUs as well as Pacific Rim ones. So hit me up if you want to plot, or feel free to tag me in any meme you might see me in.

Also, would love to so some crossovers within in the MCU verse as well. Not to mention, while I know it's a long shot I'd adore a Tommy Gavin from Rescue Me! I have ideas galore for that it's not even funny.