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Tag Categories & Rules

Tags should only be based on fandom. Any fandom that has different mediums will have separate tags, for instance [movie]: x-men, and [comic]: x-men are both viable. For now, for the sake of saving tags and to avoid miscommunications, all series will fall under one header; instead of having separate tags for Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: Enterprise and everything in between, there will only be [tv show]: star trek and [movie]: star trek tags. If you need to request a tag, please do so here.

Here's a breakdown of our tag categories:

[anime/manga]: - For all Japanese animated series, movies, and graphic novels. for those series that have discrepancies between manga and anime, feel free to differentiate in your post.

[audio play]: - All characters from radio/audio plays and recordings.

[book]: - All book based fandoms. Books belonging to a series should be tagged with the series name - so we'd have [book]: harry potter, and not [book]: harry potter and the goblet of fire.

[comic]: - All companies, comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels. Tags under this header can be as broad as [comic]: marvel, or as specific as [comic]: batman (but please not much more specific than that).

[game]: - Video games of any kind.

[historical/rpf]: - For historically accurate and real person fiction.

[movie]: - Full length features. Any movie series featuring one particular character should be tagged with that character's name, so [movie]: harry potter, and [movie]: james bond for those particular series.

[music]: - This encompasses albums, songs, and music videos.

[mythology]: - Characters from any culture's mythology. Religious figures and fairy tales will also fall under this tag. Tags can remain as broad as just [mythology] and [mythology]: fairy tales, or as specific as [mythology]: egyptian, [mythology]: judeo-christian, etc.

[original] - This tag won't have a fandom section to it, as...that would be silly.

[other]: misc fandom - This is a catch all for anything that doesn't fit into these categories. This is NOT for posts that don't have tags yet, but for personified objects or emotions and the like.

[play]: - For all stage productions. This includes musicals.

[tv show]: - Includes non-anime cartoons, miniseries, and full scripted television series. As stated above, this should feature the overall series title, so [tv show]: stargate, instead of [tv show]: stargate universe.

[web series]: - Characters from web series, such as The Guild.