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Your Muse: Cricket Pate
Muse wanted: Jack and Howard Bondurant in particular, but any other castmates, muses from similar time periods, potential crossovers, etc. are welcome.
Community: memes, PSLs. If there's enough interest, maybe a musebox.
Fandom: Lawless
Canon or AU: Mostly canon. Possibly some canon divergence in that Cricket dies before the end of the movie and it's much more fun to play an alive person...
Medium: Movie 2012
Contact via: PM or post here.

My RL husband is playing Forrest Bondurant. We don't have any real plot designs, just want to play around with moonshine and gruesome violence. I do sort of ship Cricket with Jack, possibly one-sidedly, but I would be just as happy for platonic shenanigans.

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