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Your Muse: Goo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) and Kuki Sanban (Codename: Kids Next Door; journal is [personal profile] rainbowmonkeys)
Muse wanted: Aged-up children/pre-teen characters from literally any cartoon, manga, or anime. Codename: Kids Next Door and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends are the obvious ones, but Power Puff Girls, Fairly Odd Parents, kid characters from Disney films... Anything!
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories or [community profile] bakerstreet or a special musebox-esque comm or whatever.
Fandom: Various
Canon or AU: AU/Aged-up
Medium: Television, Film, Manga, etc.,
Contact via: Here, please!

Okay, so I will be honest and admit that I still have canon-reviewing to do, especially for Goo, but I figure other folks will need to do so as well, and we can all work out things together. (Although Kuki's AU already has an outline; found on her profile.) I'm also totally up for helping people look for played-bys!

Basically I just like nostalgia and want to play with nostalgic characters, but characters from recent things are totally fine.

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Wonderful. Now Lillian DeVille is speaking again.
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Consider her made. I just need a good journal name and a PB idea.
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Hi ;D
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I'm also considering an Alice, but based on the show Once Upon a Time. But, anyway, Dorothy's just been laying around with nothing to do!
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I've no musebox to speak of! But I could do sws or bakerstreet, depending on the meme. :D
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Sure thing. I'm incredibly easygoing :D Though I think that if we do get a lot of people, not to start a private community because that is where awesome plots go to die :c
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Aw, no problem! I know that people like to have fancy new communities to gather everyone, but for some reason, as soon as one is established and you start asking people to write applications to join -- it just falls apart due to tediousness or something.

Anyway, yes! Feel free to PM me or I also have plurk.