Jun. 4th, 2017

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Your Muse: Rogue / Marie
Muse wanted: Deadpool / Wade Wilson
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse for Rogue
Canon or AU: AUing it up!
Medium: Movie / Comics
Contact via: Comment here, PM, or [plurk.com profile] taintedcrimson

Spoilers for recent comics (because I'm behind in my reading) have gotten me thinking about this dynamic and I'd love to explore it with my version of Rogue. I take her from the era of Days of Future Past, where in the Rogue Cut version of the film it was revealed that she was experimented on by scientists who wanted to use her powers to help win the war. This is an older Rogue who spent years with the X-Men and teaching at the school before the world went to hell.

Anyway, I'd love to fling her into the multiverse and have her encounter a Wade. (My Rogue, much like her comics counterpart, won't give a damn what he looks like, for the record.) Open to all sorts of ideas, mostly just wanting to give a try and see how things go.