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Your Muse: Chuck Hansen
Muse wanted: Herc Hansen, other PacRim muses
Community: bakerstreet and maybe journals.
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Preferably post-movie, but I'm happy to play any canon point or pre-film
Medium: Movie
Contact via: A comment here or a pm is fine

I mostly just want to explore their relationship post-Pitfall where Chuck survives the blast and they have a second chance at fixing their broken little family while trying to move on with their lives.

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Your Muse: Chuck Hansen
Muse wanted: Yancy Becket, Herc Hansen, Raleigh Becket, Mako Mori, Stacker Pentecost, Aleksis and Sasha, the Wei triplets, even human!Max if you can make it work?
Community: journals and occasionally bakerstreet?
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Any and all, throw it at me. (Yancy for ghostly buddies haunting the Shatterdome perhaps?)
Medium: Movie
Contact via: PM preferred, but a comment here is fine.

I'm pretty much open to anything; pre-movie, throughout the movie, post-movie, other AUs. I'd rather stick to journals or memes in bakerstreet, if that works, because I'm still sort of voice-testing and feel there's less pressure when it's a little more personal :D

I'd really love a Yancy for some Post!Pitfall ghostly Shatterdome hauntings. Yancy's been dead for a good deal younger and Chuck could use someone to show him the ropes of the afterlife.

I also have Chuck over on LJ and am more than happy to give out a link if you'd rather play there?
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Your Muse: Nova Hyperion
Muse wanted: Any Pacific Rim muses, other humanoid Jaegers especially
Community: Bakerstreet, sixwordstories, PSL
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Canon with some AU flavor obviously
Medium: Mainly movie but prequel comic and novelization for reference
Contact via: This post or PM

I don't have anything concrete right now. Just want to test her out and have some fun.
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Your Muse: Yancy Becket
Muse wanted: Any Pacific Rim muses, but especially Raleigh, because Yancy misses his little brother
Community: PSLs
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Mostly pre-movie stuff, but if you want an AU where he survived Knifehead, I can do that too
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here or PM
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Your Muse: Clint Barton
Muse wanted: Castmates or Pacific Rim muses
Community: PSLs
Fandom: MCU, Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: AU/Crossover
Medium: Movie
Contact via: This post or PM
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Your Muse: Megan Santiago [bio]
Muse wanted: Any and all Pac Rim muses! Canons and OC's alike.
Community: Personal journals, Memes, SWS
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Movie
Contact via: Comment here or PM.

I'm open to threading anything set before, during, or even after the film. I would honestly love a Chuck just so that they can annoy the ever-loving hell out of one another. But like I said- any and all muses welcome!
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