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Your Muse: Steve McGarrett
Muse wanted: Kono Kalakaua and Catherine Rollins for possible shipping purposes, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, Lou Grover, Joe White, Kamekona, Flippa, Grace Williams, Lori Weston, Abby Dunn, Wo Fat and all other Hawaii Five-0 characters. I'll also RP with Original characters in the Five-0 verse. Crossovers are welcome as well as long as you have a sensible reason for your character to fit into this world.
Community: private journals and psl's and/or tumblr
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Canon or AU: Both canon and AU
Medium: Television Show
Contact via: pm or comment this post

I'm a hardcore McKono shipper so if anyone would like to give that a go I'd love it. I am willing to write Steve both in canon and AU. All you have to do is specify. And if you have an AU idea that you'd like to try feel free to contact me to discuss with me. I love AU stuff and will be more then likely willing to give it a go.

As well as shipping McKono and sometimes McRollins, I do ship chemistry. The only thing I don't ship is slash.
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Your Muse: Grace Williams
Muse wanted: Steve McGarrett, Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua
Community: [personal profile] godsoftartarus
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: PM or comment here

[Taken from RP Community page]: "The Tartarus Experiment is a Panfandom, Community-based RP on Dreamwidth. Your character has been marked, either with symbols or letters, representing sins for which the goddess Themis has found them guilty. There are heavy elements of horror, torture (both physical and psychological), as well as a few lighter events interspersed throughout. Characters will find themselves labeled by a very judgmental goddess and trapped in an underground city with no apparent means of escape."

Because I'm a terrible person, I have thrown Grace in the game. At least she has Danno with her but we'd love to have the rest of the Five-0 ohana in hell! XD
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Your Muse: Chin Ho Kelly
Muse wanted: Malia Waincroft, Kono Kalakaua, Leilani, fellow cast mates, [open for crossovers with discussion]
Community: sws, personal journals, other
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Canon or AU: Canon & AU
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: PM, comment here, or AIM

I've just picked up this gorgeously competent man and am looking for some willing RP partners to help me not only sink into the role better but also to have some fun with. I really enjoy his character and would love to really give myself a chance to flesh him out and flex my developing RP muscles. ;D

potential spoilers )

I'm going to be playing him from all points in canon so no matter where you pull from or when (in the sense of which season) you'd like to play with him from, as well as AUing, I'm game.
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Your Muse: Danny Williams
Muse wanted: Steve McGarrett, Grace Williams, Kona "Kono" Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Lori Weston*, Kamekona, various family members, assorted H50 characters (OC or otherwise)
Community: SWS, personal journals, etc
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Canon: Yes
Book, Movie, Game, Other: TV Show
PB: Canon for Canon Characters, OCs should not share canon PBs
Contact via: PMs or Comment Here

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Your Muse: Kono Kalakaua
Muse wanted: Any of the Five-0 team would be fantastic (Danny or Steve possibly for shipping purposes but not necessary if you don't want that)! Any member of the cast would be great :)
Community: Psls, bakerstreet, smuttysws
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Canon or AU: Canon up to a certain point but not 100% au either. I like to create our own storylines for the characters.
Medium: Tv series.
Contact via: Pm or comment.
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