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Your Muse: Daisy Johnson
Muse wanted: Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Leo Fitz, Lance Hunter, Alphonso 'Mack' Mackenzie, Bobbi Morse
Community: Geata
Fandom: Agents of Shield
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show

Your Muse: Enzo
Muse wanted: Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Lily Salvatore
Community: Geata
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV show

Your Muse: Peter Rumancek
Muse wanted: Shelley Godfrey, Lynda Rumancek
Community: Geata
Fandom: Hemlock Grove
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show

Your Muse: Oliver Queen
Muse wanted: Laurel Lance, John Diggle, Thea Queen, Felicity Smoak, Barry Allen, Sara Lance
Community: Geata
Fandom: Arrow/The Flash/LoT
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show

Your Muse: Scott McCall
Muse wanted: Derek Hale, Melissa McCall, Kira Yukimura, Jordan Parrish, Malia Tate
Community: Geata
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV Show
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Your Muse: Letha Godfrey
Muse wanted: Peter Rumancek and Roman Godfrey, especially but also any other canonmates or even OCs! But also Alison Argent, Lydia Martin, Jo Harvelle, and other badass or supernatural-affiliated girls, and maybe some boys.
Community: sixwordstories, bakerstreet, wayswithwords, PSLs (if anyone has any game suggestions, I'm always interested)
Fandom: Hemlock Grove
Canon or AU: Canon and AU
Medium: Novel/Television
Contact via: vodka_virgin on AIM, vodkavirgin on Plurk, or PM!

Details within! )
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Your Muse: Peter Rumancek
Muse wanted: Roman Godfrey, Andreas, but honestly almost any HG muse aside from Miranda. ALSO Teen Wolf muses, TVD, True Blood, Supernatural... just generally people with experiences with the supernatural.
Community: I'm negotiable; [community profile] bakerstreet is my most common haunt and PSLs are also totally an option!
Fandom: Hemlock Grove
Canon or AU: AUs are my drug, and I love playing around with the canon setting, so I'm totally open to both.
Medium: Book / TV series
Contact via: Comment here, PM me on this journal, my AIM is godfreyupir, which is hands-down the best way to get ahold of me.

I'm basically just looking for more people to play with! Peter is my main muse, but I also have a Roman, so for canon shenanigans, I'm up for playing either side of the dynamic. For shippy things I mostly play slash, though I am negotiable with a few castmates. I do love to have some action/adventure plotty stuff going on. I'm down for playing smutty things when they happen, but I do like to have other things going on too.

I'm totally down with AUs, whether it's crossovers or totally twisting things around. I love fitting Peter into the Teen Wolf world (it's so easy!). And I've always been interested in the idea of an AU where Roman get bitten during the fight at the end and turns and seeing where that goes.

I've seen season two, but overall wasn't impressed aside from a few sort of nifty ideas, but I'm down for talking out things and seeing if we can make something based on it workable for RP purposes. (I'd put a few ideas I have, but spoilers~)

tl;dr Peter needs more friends. <3
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Your Muse: Stiles Stilinski, and on behalf of a Lydia player, a Scott player, an Isaac player, a Sheriff Stilinski player and a Derek player.
Muse wanted: Werewolves from other canons or OC's, hunters, college aged characters for classmates, friends, roommates, etc, professors, towns people, villains, etc. Basically the gamut! Also any and all Teen Wolf muses though for Teen Wolf, we're going for canon-based rather than AU takes on characters.
Community: Here.
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon or AU: Both, kind of?
Medium: TV
Contact via: Here's fine!

Set post Teen Wolf 3B and a year and a half in the future, the gang has all graduated and now face decisions about things like college while still trying to deal with everything the supernatural world throws at them.

The mythology of werewolves will be based on Teen Wolf's, since it's set in the world of Teen Wolf, but werewolves from other canons are welcome to apply. We're also totally open to OC's of the human and werewolf variety. Hunters and other supernaturals are okay, too -- from other canons or OC's -- though we're not really interested in vampires at this point.

Things to think about -- the entire gang is out of high school now, and the premise will be dealing heavily with college related things. So characters who are college professors, college students, townspeople, etc, are all encouraged! We want everyone to develop their characters and storylines while interacting with everyone else.

Feel free to ask questions if you're at all interested.
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Your Muse: Letha Godfrey (ignore this journal)
Muse wanted: Roman Godfrey, Shelley Godfrey, and Peter Rumancek
Community: The Portland Project
Fandom: Hemlock Grove
Canon or AU: Canon, but in a panfandom setting.
Medium: TV Show
Contact via: comment here!

The Portland Project is a game on insane journal. It's a panfandom game and already there are characters from an assortment of fandoms. So far, Letha is the only Hemlock Grove muse there. In the game, your character is pulled through a wormhole and winds up in a high tech, futuristic hospital where their predicament is explained to them. They're given shelter and the option to have a job in town. There are sometimes game-wide plots.

Point in canon is not important to me. I'd just like to have Letha have some familiar faces in town. She's from just prior to her death, though. The hospital managed to save her life.

Check it out if it sounds interesting at all to you!
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

Here are some examples of the tags we will be using here:

[anime/manga]: cowboy bebop

[book]: a song of ice and fire

[comics]: batman

[game]: kingdom hearts

[movie]: mean girls

[play]: infamous

[tv show]: star trek

[web series]: the guild