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Your Muse: Ethan Winters
Muse wanted: castmates
Community: anywhere, really. sws, bs, private sls, open threads, etc
Fandom: Resident Evil 7
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: Game
Contact via: Reply here, PM, or post [here]

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Your Muse:  Sherry Birkin (Adult AU)
Muse wanted: Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfeild  (Movie Carlos) 
Because our Drac wants them we could use some True Blood characters too.  We need more vampires in game.
Community: [community profile] canonwhatcanon 
Fandom: Resident Evil (Game and Movie)
Canon or AU: AU's ok though would prefer canon
Medium: Movie and Games
Contact via: Here's fine

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Your Muse: Sherry Birkin[personal profile] weaponmadeperfect (on behalf of my psl-mates)
Muse wanted: Any on this list more if you can think of a reason for them to be in
Community: [community profile] canonwhatcanon
Fandom: Pan fandom
Canon: Bwahahahahah yeah hm... no.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Various
PB: If they have one yeah, if not choose one or use what ever art they have.
Contact via: (PM, comment, ect) Here or aim (notmannotelf)

Where: Mostly in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
What: Umbrella's still around, and now it's starting to be reformed, this time B.S.A.A. isn't the only one trying to bring them down...

What is this: This is a panfandom psl, attempting to span the time between Re5 and RE6 adding a major AU to it because why play with one fandom when you can make a mess of so many more?

Personal note: I would kill for a Claire and Leon.  Sherry needs someone to help her break the control they have on her.  I know Wesker would love to WTF Chris and Jill.  He'd like some other scientists in the think tank too.

And I think Rebecca Crane would kill to have a Clay around. Dracula would like some other vampires. 

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Your Muse: Francis J.D. Farinella (OC) and Sherry Birkin
Muse wanted: Anyone from Resident Evil, even OC's An Alice however would be some serious love.
Community: [community profile] sixwordstories
Fandom: Resident Evil/Biohazard
Canon or AU: *laughs* Oh my... Its a jumble of things.
Medium: See above.
Contact via: THIS POST~!

The setting is Santa Fe, last place you expect an outbreak. Sherry has found one of the only survivor's of Sheena Island(Resident Evil: Gun Survivor; yes I know that terrible thing) and that's as far as we are... because we need other characters to play off of. Wesker or Alice anyone. come on people. Who doesn't love Zombie games? Throw me a bone here.
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Your Muse: Jessika Jackson (The Walking Dead OC - Yes, I'm one of those! XD)
Muse wanted: Any and all post-apocalypse (preferably zombie apocalypse) characters. The Walking Dead pups would be EXTRA awesome though.
Community: Smuttysws, SWS, personal journals, or anywhere you think they would fit.
Fandom: The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Zombie Land, Resident Evil, ect.
Canon or AU: Canon, AU, OC
Medium: Any, though movies and TV are where zombies are most popular
Contact via: This post or PM

The door for this one is wide open. More often than not if I want to play Jess I have to play her in a pre-apocalyptic verse. I don't mind it necessarily. I mean I like having her respond to stuff going on in the media and exploring who she was before the fever but the only time I can really get in any fun post-apocalpyse stuff is when The Walking Dead is running and the canon folks are out and about. Very fun but I know a lot of people are wary of original characters. Plus, it's a fandom that has a tendency to poof when the show wraps up.

I'm looking for folks with post-apocalyptic characters that actually want to play in a post-apocalyptic world. I'm talking about a multiverse for all the zombie scenerios. We can make it work people. I know we can. AND if there is enough interest and people wanting to play, I've been kicking around the idea of a comm. If I did it, I doubt it would be very big but I just liked the idea of a place where muses don't look at your pup funny when you mention zombies and it's all about the gritty business of survival and not just new puppies and meme links. Not that those aren't fun.
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If the fandom you are posting for doesn't have a tag yet, please reply below to request one!

All tags will use the following format: [category]: fandom. The only exception to these tags will be those like mythology, which have no particular fandom.

A post with all the categories and descriptions can be found here

Here are some examples of the tags we will be using here:

[anime/manga]: cowboy bebop

[book]: a song of ice and fire

[comics]: batman

[game]: kingdom hearts

[movie]: mean girls

[play]: infamous

[tv show]: star trek

[web series]: the guild